Over Compulsive Disorder (OCD) A Bit Of The Other

What gives a person suffering from over compulsive disorder (OCD) the right to chastise others e.g. children/husband and wife’s on their behaviour when we as a patient have no control over our own. Other peoples habits are very similar to that of what we do ourselves, antics may include irritating and annoying stunts. What is the difference between over compulsive disorder actions to that of what others do, fortunately for the others they gain control to stop what it is they do, as for the OCD patient I am afraid to say they have no jurisdiction or say on the matter when to stop?

Over compulsive disorder (OCD) comes with invisible powers where it leaves a patient feeling disorientated to an extent where life becomes meaningless. In other words life is not worth living if not able carry out their compulsions. (Depending on the individual)

You are not alone if you suffer from OCD the number in others are on the increase daily, we even have fellow patients who are unaware that they are infected. The reason for this is because symptoms are mild and seem to go unnoticed unlike the more sever cases where patients undergo medical treatment.

Over compulsive disorder (OCD) in the past was considered untreatable but doctors in the modern world would not be beaten and continued to research day and night looking for answers behind why a patient believed their OCD was a sign of madness or that their actions sent out signals of mental instability, in other words crazy. The good news is the modern world won the battle and brought hope to all sufferers with modern medication. Treatment is readily available along with people who care and want to help. All you have to do is, ask.

This is the modern world so be honest with yourself and face up to your over compulsive disorder (OCD) with revenge in mind. Retaliation as an ally in this battle is enough to win the war; it will take time but all worth while in the end. Start gathering ammunition to beat this invisible force by visiting the doctor, he/she may not see it but certainly are aware of its presence when the questions asked are answered openly and honestly.

Depending on you and the severity of your (OCD) symptoms medication and treatments will differ. How great your needs are to be rid of this illness that is slowly destroying breaking your heart and causing you and your nearest and dearest so much pain and suffering lies in your hands.

I envy how OTHERS are in control of their behaviour. I chastise no more. Give me a bit of the other any day.

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