Over Compulsive Disorder – Murder In Mind

To assume that OCD is a rare complaint then think again, over compulsive disorder is one of the most common psychiatric complaints addressed by medical staff worldwide on a daily basis trying to ease the pain and suffering of thousands of victims.

Repetitive actions or series of thoughts are just some of the symptoms that OCD forces upon the patient. Rituals can entail hand washing to an extent where the skin becomes infected with the abuse from cleaning agents then we have counting obsessions where the brain hurts because of the urge to total up your numbers. Incapacitating depression/anxiety soon worms its way into the brain if none of your actions are finalized or completed.

Mental instability brings OCD into the category as a chronic relapsing condition Victims have to come to terms with the fact that this is a disease of the brain and one that if not nurtured can well put a sufferer into an early grave

Just in the UK alone Over Compulsive Disorder affects 2% of the population more so in women than men, children are spared no mercies, so be sure to watch for any unusual behaviour in your child. Nip it in the bud before it gets a grip as word has it 1% of children are under the spell over OCD.
It is a good chance that everyone has had an experience of an unpleasant or obsessive thought occasionally in their life. However, victims of OCD engage themselves in ritual behaviours where certain actions have to be repeated over and over again thus causing concern for the patient’s health
Sufferers understand that their actions can be quite irrational but fail to resist and ignore those little alien forces inside their heads voicing an opinion on how we live our lives.

If you feel that you or someone close is affected by the symptoms of OCD then please seek advice from your local GP. Should your doctor feel the need to refer you for further help then this will most probably be therapeutic sessions given by a psychiatrist who specializes in the mental department side of things.
Professional help is the only way forward and the best way to deal with OCD that has murder in mind.

The reasons behind why we do what do makes it very hard for others to comprehend most outsiders take the easy option in concluding an end to their struggle of trying to understand our antics and their answer is probably insanity. And how right they are where we the victims must be mad not to put and end to this self inflicted self designed to kill condition.

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