Outsourcing Your Call Center To India

Over the last ten years many companies have decided to outsource their contact center operations to India in order to make cost savings through lower operational expenses.

However, in recent times we have noticed a reverse trend taking place. Customer complaints about poor service have led many businesses to bring back their call center service to their home country. It seems that the low quality of customer service has far outweighed the anticipated cost savings and is actually having a negative affect on the business. Is the climate of outsourcing to India changing?

Well it all comes down to choosing the right provider. Ensuring that staff are properly trained and well looked after is key to making outsourcing a viable alternative. You need to dig deep and investigate the various outsourced offerings.

As in most things you must look for credentials. That is to say a call center outsourcing business that has a great track record of providing similar businesses to yours with a high level of professional service. Whether it’s insurance claims processing, banking or selling mobile telephones. There are some pretty fantastic outsourcing business models in India. Staff are generally graduates, speak very good English and receive a high standard of initial and ongoing training.

Where possible you should visit the facilities and experience the everyday working environment for yourself. A number of Indian outsourcing businesses will offer a trial period for you to assess the the service. This is a great way of dipping your toe in the water without making a huge commitment.

Outsourcing your operation to India can indeed be very cost effective if you choose wisely and spend time reviewing the offering yourself. At the end of the day it’s all about people and the perception your customers have of your business. The staff, wherever they are based and if they are outsourced or not, are all representatives of your business and customers will believe they are your business.

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