Outdoor Trash Cans and Ash Bins

For any hotel or resort owner, you know how important it is to have the proper receptacles where you need them. To keep your resort looking nice, and to make sure guests are happy, choose outdoor trash cans and bins that hide litter and do not create an eyesore.

One important thing to remember when purchasing outdoor trash cans and bins is their location on the property. If you are purchasing a large bin, make sure it fits and won’t be blocking any public areas. Also remember to place trash cans for litter in convenient locations so they are easy for guests to access. People are more likely to use trash can if they can get to them. And this way, it is more likely that the property will remain cleaner and litter-free.

Ash cans are another important item to help keep litter off the ground. Save hours of sweeping and picking up trash by placing ash cans in typical locations near doors and seating areas.

There are numerous models of trash cans, bins, and ash cans available. Different materials are used for different outdoor spaces. Choose from heavy duty recycled lumber, treated wood, or metal. Trash cans and bins also use the best design to be attractive as well as function.

Stone or concrete outdoor trash cans are another great option. Stone materials are very durable and will stand up to weathering. They can come in designs ranging from simple to very elegant. Choose to match the style of your property.

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