Outdoor Grills

Grilling outdoors is a number one way to make great food and have a great time. There are many options out there for grilling. Outdoor grills can range from the very simple to the very elegant.

A free standing outdoor grill is a simple standard that works well in places like outdoor parks or apartment complexes. The standard grill is simply a grill and a box, with perhaps a few shelves for food and tools, and handles for moving and turning a hot grill. These grills are great for community areas because they are easy to clean up and do not require any additional maintenance from the landlord for supplying propane or gas.

Grills only get more complex than the free standing grill. Gas powered grills for the home or patio are built with a number of components that make grilling outdoors just as if not more exciting than cooking in the kitchen. Gas grills often have two grilling levels, so it can cook meat as well as vegetable, and heat breads all at the same time. Some are also equipped with a stove eye, so it can cook potted food like beans.

Both types of grills can be dressed up even more by rock or brick work. Once a perfect grill and perfect site have been chosen, give it a permanent, protected home in rock. This can easily be done as a weekend project. All that is needed is a flat of bricks or rocks, a bag of cement or mortar, and a few simple tools. Using rock work to house a grill protects the outdoor grill and also gives it a unique look that will make grilling outdoors even more enjoyable.

Outdoor grills are available in many shapes and sizes. Shop around to find out which type of outdoor grill is best for your outdoor setting.

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