Outdoor Furnishings Reflect Indoor Style And Comfort

For many people, the backyard can serve as an oasis of calm in an increasingly busy world. As a result, more homeowners are looking for outdoor furnishings that are as comfortable and stylish as the furniture inside their homes.

As a result, today’s patio furniture is more attractive, more durable and less work to maintain than in previous generations. There’s also more to choose from.

Companies such as Wood Classics, a New York-based manufacturer of fine teak garden furnishings, have expanded their product line to include much more than the typical Adirondack chair. Thick and deeply cushioned outdoor sofas, chairs and loveseats with reclining capabilities, and garden trellises and arbors, are a few of the furnishings currently available in teak.

The company also offers many other options that allow customers to totally customize their outdoor furnishings. Customers can select cushions encased in leather-like fabric that is specially designed to weather the harshest of elements year-round, and they can also purchase special features that allow them to transform their standard chairs into loungers.

It’s not just homeowners who are responding enthusiastically to having a wider range of products to choose from.

Many business owners, who are hoping to make their customers feel more at home when they are away, are also incorporating fine teak furniture into their resorts, restaurants, spas and yacht clubs. Municipalities, colleges and adult living facility owners are following this same trend.

In fact, so many of these businesses have found the furniture to be so inviting and elegant that they are incorporating it into the interiors of their buildings, as well as the exterior.

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