Our Personal Heroine at Home

The household heroine. No matter what time you need her, she is there for you just like any local hero — only a scream or yell away. She may not be able to leap the tallest buildings but her heart and care can stretch beyond the horizon’s reach. Faster than the speeding bullet? Nope, she can’t do that. But certainly, her ability to protect and guard you is better than any refuge or security system known to man. She does every chore with all finesse and gusto, better than your comic book hero’s ability to clean up the mess he makes after trouncing a menacing foe. But like any other hero we know, she also craves for a little recognition for all the efforts she has exerted. All too often, she just has too make do with little acts of fleeting appreciation. No need to browse your hero directory for there is no entry for Mom, Mommy or Mama — every child’s hero.

Aside from these apparent obligations that she continuously and willingly fulfills, one characteristic that puts her in the hero category is her ability to heal. Step aside Wolverine, for your power to regenerate has use only for yourself. Unlike her, she has the ability to heal others.

Children, from infancy to adolescence, rely on the unique healing ability that is present in all mothers. According to studies, a child’s overwhelming emotion – like fear, worry, or apprehension – or clinically termed as child anxiety, is no match for a mother’s caring touch. Scientifically proven, a mother’s touch can help bring relief to a child suffering from illness.

Other studies show that a mother’s touch can help calm an infant that suffers from child anxiety. The bond between mother and child is the means through which relaxation is achieved. The reassuring touches, the patting and carrying of a child — all these acts like natural anxiety relief for a suffering child.

It is also astonishing how a mother’s cuddle and caress helps prevent a child from experiencing more emotional pains and struggles. This all-natural anxiety relief has been proven time and time again as medical experts in child psychology pointed that further agitation by a child’s emotion can be addressed by a simple “loving touch.” Experts, however, don’t necessarily mean that we must forsake medical attention in lieu of this “motherly” wonder.

Mothers also use their loving touch as artillery in waging war against depression. Whenever a child feels down and alone – a mother’s care is enough to lift his spirit – an anxiety relief like no other. Child anxiety – or any problem that could put her family in peril – is not a big problem to her as she continuously strives to provide care and protection, with all her might, to secure that her home is a “safer place.” So no matter what costume mothers use, cooking apron or scrub suit… not matter what special gadgets they use — a dusty broom or stealthy knife…our mothers too need a little energy boost from the person they rescue everyday — You. A simple kiss or hug could dispel all problems and cares.

Mothers, no matter how invincible and undaunted they may appear, are still humans and have their respective limitations. They get tired and occasionally exceed their temper limit. They, too, need some saving one time or another.

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