Our BIZZIES are not BUSY enough – Cops & Robbers

How cops today have robbed us of our Freedom

When the Good old days were bad

Snotty nose urchins ran through the rat infested streets of London trying to pick a pocket or two. The laughter would echo from that of the busty floozy flaunting her wares for a couple of coppers. Song after song would ring out through the air from the scrumpy cider drinking drunks.

Waifs and orphans huddled up together to keep the winter frost from piercing their bare flesh. Last but not least in the good old days were the god fearing duo the Plague and Jack the Ripper.

In the good old days at least there was a little sense of security when the local bobby armed with whistle and truncheon pounded the beat over the cobbled stones with his size 9 hob nailed boots.

What made these the good old days you may well ask? Well let me tell you. In those days they had the black death/Plague. We have aids/HIV.

In them days the local floozy was moved on; we encourage them by putting a roof over their head. Drinking in the good old days was for the man of the house. Today it is the kids in a drunken stupor.

What of Jack the ripper’s crimes in comparison with that of Ian Huntley Myra Hindley and the notorious Fred West and his wife, who took life from those they gave life too.

Hundreds of years later we find ourselves confined to our homes all because of the society we live in. We have no sense of security which leaves us all mentally scarred with fear.

So what can we do to help improve the entire bad goings on? Understandably there are some situations where it would take the whole world to come together and unite to end famine war and terrorism. But in the meantime while we wait for the world to come to its senses, we can start with our local communities which need protecting from everyday crimes that are committed such as; murder muggings robbery drug trafficking and drink related matters.

These issues have to be tackled with force and fast. We need more power enforcement dominating our streets.

How can this be done? Let us compare the bobby of yesterday to police of the 21st century

The bobby in the good old days with just his whistle and truncheon put Jack the ripper behind bars. He kept law and order by giving the pilferer a clip round the ear. The drunk was cautioned to tone down his singing to the key of E. Voices hushed to a whisper from the darkened alley as the boy in blue passed in his quest to keep law and order on the streets of London.

Then we have equipped with padded bullet proof vests and guns are our very own police force that replaced their whistles for a radio and swapped truncheons for a baton

But the mind boggles as to the sense in all these crime preventing gadgets if our cops are not out walking the beat?

Police patrols are a great deterrent to most law breakers. Crime will forever continue to be on the increase while our police sit behind theirs desks

Ask yourself why police have to ask for witnesses to come forward, have you ever noticed how the force are never the ones at the scene of a crime first?

There would be less scenes of a crime to attend if the police are given back the role of what they are paid to do and that is to uphold law and order and not to encourage it by their absence.

Save the next innocent child from abduction. Catch the rapist before he pounces on his prey. Take the murder weapon from the hands of the madman before the killing takes place. Stop savage beatings on the street or in peoples own homes.

To stop those 999 calls coming in, the police need to be out there with the criminals and by doing that, they just may gain back respect from society

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