Organizing your Coat Closet

The family coat closet can be the most chaotic place in the house. It is a small space the entire family stores some of their bulkiest items. The same principles that you would use to organize your bedroom closet apply here too. The golden rule of closet organization is a place for everything and everything in its place. Make sure everyone in the family knows where their stuff belongs and encourage them to take part to keep the coat closet neat and orderly.

A family typically owns a lot of shoes and most coat closets aren’t big enough to accommodate them all. Keep one or two pairs for each family member in the closet that is worn on an almost daily basis. Out of season footwear or pairs that are reserved for special occasions should be stored in the individual bedroom closets of the owners. The same for coats keep the daily or seasonal coats in the coat closet and either rotate the rest to the back or if there is not enough room store them away until the season or weather turns.

On the top shelf is where the hats, mittens, gloves and other accessories are stored. Keep a basket for each member of the family to store their items. If there is room, this is also an ideal place for things like bicycle helmets, knee pads and other safety gear that needs a home.

For younger children who might not be able to reach or manage the hangers consider installing hooks at the back of the closet where they can hang up their own coats. This will foster their independence while teaching them how to take care of their belongings.

Once a season, go through everything in the family coat closet and decide what should be thrown out or what can be donated.

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