Organizing the time of a modern business person

Money rules the world. It is the essence of the entire life of a businessperson.

Money depends a lot on time as such. The more rationally you spend time, the more profit (short-term or long-term) you get. This concept is described in the old saying “Time is money”.

Let’s not waste time sorting out a huge heap of notes with scheduled tasks or just thoughts and plans. That’s the lot of a secretary whose qualification is not very high. And YOU are a businessperson who makes money. And you are interested in making your plans in the most comfortable and effective way.

Thus we get the following factors important for a businessperson:

Saving time
These factors are closely interrelated and influence each other. They are split apart only for conventional purposes.


Planning is the most important part in organizing any business, that’s what it all starts with. Planning allows you to choose the most rational and effective methods of attaining your goals. This is a tool for controlling and managing your business.

That’s where the LeaderTask software organizer will be of much help. It is a smart system for managing projects, events, tasks, etc.

With LeaderTask, it is very convenient to group different kinds of activities by categories. For example, “Web development”, “Testing”. You can create a task for each type of activity specifying deadlines for its solution and the people who are responsible for it (“Contacts”). This way you can build the entire chain of scheduled tasks in a visual form.

The “Calendar” tab is a convenient tool for monitoring both current and future tasks. It is possible to configure the so-called floating periods: the list of tasks for “today”, “tomorrow”. As well as strict monthly or quarterly schedule periods. Everyone can select the variant that suits them best.

The flexibility and convenience of the planning process comes down to the fact that the person in charge knows what each employee is busy with at the moment and what there is on the employee’s to-do list. It is possible to get summary information for each project: contacts, expenses, deadlines, etc.

Saving time(

The software solution you have before you is an effective tool for planning your tasks. Other things do not distract your attention and you spend your time rationally. Rationally means economically.

There are only 24 hours in a day and all efforts must be directed towards the solution of particular tasks. No need to bear everything in mind because this is fraught with forgetfulness and it can lead to emergency situations.

When the entire list of tasks is before your eyes, you are busy with particular tasks without paying your attention to unimportant things and thus saving your time.


Convenience influences how fast you can plan and solve all business issues. The efficiency of a tool depends on how convenient it is.

LeaderTask is always at hand. If you are in office, the computer is on your desk and you can open the organizer with a hotkey combination. If you are going to have a ride around the city, a printout with scheduled tasks will be a perfect reminder that will not let you forget anything.


Businesspeople need it as badly as their breath. Progress never stops and so communications technologies provide you with everything you need. If you are on a long trip, you can open your laptop computer and LeaderTask is at hand.

Mechanisms used in this organizer allow you to store all data in one place. And you can move it to other computers without any problems. All necessary information will be within your reach.


Dear user, you have the most convenient tool for business planning at your disposal. It helps businesspeople effectively organize their time increasing the efficiency of their business. LeaderTask reduces all routine and fuss in your activities to minimum. Having a clear and detailed view of your activities, you will see all goals and prospects. And nothing will stand in your way towards them.

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