Organizing Janitorial Workspace

Importance of Organization
Proper organization of company resources is one of the most important aspects of success. It isn’t really surprising, organized means faster work, more efficient crews and more satisfied customers. The concept of organization isn’t limited too to just some aspects or running a company and people in charge of organizing and cleaning must be foremost in this goal. Here are as few tips organizing janitorial workspace in the company.

Give it Space
Though it may not follow that a bigger storage space for janitorial supplies means better organization, it does gives your people more options in organizing things. Bigger storage spaces mean a lot more space to fit in cabinets and shelves where supplies as well as extra supplies could be placed. This also gives you people more space to move around and thus lessens the probability of an accident.

Keep a Record
A record of all the chemicals, supplies and equipments stored in the storage room will also help a lot in preventing valuable supplies and materials in being misplaced. This will give your crew a better idea of what supplies are available and what are needed to be replenished.

Moreover, better records mean better inventory control and less expense. Having a clear idea of what supplies, chemicals and equipments are available and how fast these supplies are consumed will also give you a better idea on how much money to set aside for the following year.

Keep them Labeled
Chemical containers not properly labeled are not only inefficient and time consuming with regards to day to day operations, but dangerous as well. For this reason, clearly label your chemical containers so that the crew will always have a clear idea on what chemical he or she is handling. Clearly labeled containers make for fewer mistakes and thus you also save money to replace those that were used by mistake.

Keep them Protected
Handling dangerous chemicals is a dangerous job and a safe crew is a happy and productive crew. So make sure that your storage room has an ample supply of goggles, gloves and aprons to protect your employees. This will also be an important factor that health and safety inspectors will look for when they make their inspections.

A first aid kit is also an important component of the storage rooms. These will provide immediate and important treatments to crews who had an accident. In some rare cases, these may even mean the difference between life and death of one of your crew so make sure that this is included in your list of what to provide and stock in your storage cabinets.

Know where it goes
Of course, cleaning crews should be knowledgeable about the proper disposal methods of the chemicals they are handling. Make sure to include this in their training programs so as to avoid any accidents or consequences of improper disposal of chemicals. A sink and a tap inside the storage room will come in handy in disposing some of the less reactive and dangerous chemicals in the inventory.

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