Organic Body Care

If you are interested in using only pure, natural products when it comes to organic body care, then you simply cannot find a better product than the ones that are made from lemon myrtle essential oil. Lemon myrtle is a relatively new essential oil found exclusively in Australia with amazing bioactive properties.

Although it has previously only been known as bush food, it is just recently that it has begun to be used in products for the skin. The first thing that is noticed when opening a bottle of organic body care products with lemon myrtle is the fantastic smell. If you are a citrus lover, then you cannot help being taken in by the wonderful lemony scent. One sniff and you won’t want to use anything else.

But it does a lot more than just smell fabulous. The aroma can actually provide an uplifting feeling to your spirits that will carry you through even the most hectic day or night. So while your skin is now soft, smooth, and glowing with the healthy look that gentle exfoliation provides, it also continues to give you a sense of well being hour after hour each and every day.

Lemon myrtle organic body care also provides you with a natural way to protect yourself against harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses, just by washing with a natural bar or foaming liquid soap, by using the wonderful lotion on your skin, and even the lip and body balm.

The spray mist is also a great way to help provide protection from bacterial invaders simply by spraying it into the air. But it is so gentle that it can also be misted directly onto your skin or household fabrics for added protection, odor control, and to keep that wonderful fragrance ever present in your home or office.

Another great product is the skin and lip balm. Not only is it a fantastic way so soothe dry and cracked lips, but it can also be used on the skin to alleviate the nasty irritation of insect bites and stings. It is also good for people who suffer from skin maladies such as eczema. So many soaps and lotions cannot be tolerated by these people, but this gentle range of lemon myrtle products helps soothe sensitive skin.

Another magnificent essential oil is the lemon eucalyptus, which has a stimulating scent that is so much more appealing than eucalyptus all by itself. This essential oil not only provides all of the bacterial, fungal, and viral protection of regular lemon myrtle, as well as the calming effects, but it also has an anti-inflammatory property that greatly helps in the relief of pain and congestion.

So when organic body care products are the only kind of skin care products that you are interested in, then why not check out the wonderful soaps, lotions, mists, and balms that can be found at These fabulous products will leave you feeling so very good that you will not ever want to use anything else.

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