Optimizing Your Website

The title of this article would lead many to believe it relates to search engine optimization tactics. Indeed, some of that will be covered but the primary message behind this article relates to a broader message. Optimizing your website has a lot more to do with human beings than it does about mechanical search engines. Keep in mind that only the very top 3 or 4 listings get sizable traffic from the search engines so the objective for everybody else is to optimize your website for actual people.

The reality today is that search engine technology is so advanced that the things you would do to benefit your human visitors are generally the same thing you would do to cater to the search engines anyway. That means you no longer have to play games to get a higher ranking. You can just go about your business and make your website as good as possible for your visitors and your ranking will go up automatically.

First things first. Your visitors need to understand exactly what it is you do. Focus is one of the most important things you can project on your website. To do so, optimize every single page of your website with targeted keywords or phrases. You can find other articles on my website telling you how to develop a good list of keywords but once compiled, you should have that list nearby every time you add content to your site.

Having targeted keywords and phrases throughout your website will benefit people and search engines alike. Visitors to your site will have a better understanding of what you do and search engines will be able to better classify your website on a specific topic. That will give them reason to rank your website higher when someone searches for that particular topic.

Secondly, you should offer your target a value item or resource tool on your homepage. The objective is to greet new visitors with something they can use … right away. If someone stumbles upon your site and immediately sees something they can use, the odds of them browsing your site for a while goes up dramatically. And the longer they browse your site, the more trust develops.

Take advantage of auto-responders to manage new leads. Auto-responders are simple sign-up forms you can place on your website to allow visitors to sign up for something you offer. It could be a free report or a newsletter or anything else you offer to your visitors. When someone fills out the form, their contact information is automatically stored on a list you can use later to stay in touch. And it’s precisely that last step – staying in touch – that will provide the biggest benefits.

One of the most common things people use in conjunction with an auto-responder is an email newsletter. Some people call them ezines and they can offer tremendous advantages for those who use them effectively. Don’t spam your subscribers but stay in touch regularly and provide real value in each issue. Doing this will encourage them to come back and visit your site and keep them updated on the various products or services you might be offering.

Of course, there are lots of things you can do to maximize the benefits you get through your website and this article only touches on a few of them. But it’s a great place to start and you might be surprised little strategies like this can completely change your online business identity. Check my website where you’ll find a lot more information about other strategies you can use.

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