Openly Gay Male Massage Therapist Trend

If you think gay massage therapists cater only to gay men, think again.

The popularity of massage therapy is at an all-time high, which comes as no surprise since it’s been known to do the body good for millennia.

But how’s this for a surprise? On a playing field where massage therapy has moved up in rank as reputable business, openly gay men are standing front and center in the competitive world. Board-certified, licensed, registered, it makes no difference. They all mean business, and their satisfied clients are extolling the benefits loud and clear. Sound intriguing? Keep reading.

If you’re a straight guy who suffers any homophobic angst about it, free yourself from out-dated fear and commit this to memory: Gay massage therapy is not synonymous with gay sex. And don’t be fooled about whether or not you’ll get a he-man workout; he won’t pull any punches when it’s time to knuckle down on those angst-induced kinks. Straight men benefit from safe and rewarding massages under the healing care of gay men, and they never know it. Or, perhaps they do know and don’t care. Gay masseurs daily roam the world of multi-cultural free enterprise where sexual orientation is about as important as eye-color.

Likewise, just as many women want a rewarding and non-sexual massage experience in a safe environment, and they want it from a man just like the straight guys. For them, who could be more ideal than a gay masseur?
Answer: Probably no one.

For some women, a gay masseur is a must-have over a masseuse or straight masseur. Reason? Higher comfort level. Gay massage therapists seem more in tune with nurturing, allowing these female clients to drop a lot of poor body-image baggage outside the door. Heck, she may lower her shackles of unhealthy inhibitions enough to consider a clothing-optional massage.

In a fully holistic approach to massage, the client, whether male or female, is likely to feel comfortable enough to lie completing unclothed, with or without a thin sheet of drapery for warmth and basic human sense of security. Gentle reminder: It’s not about exhibitionism; it’s about closing the space between sore muscles and trained hands. It’s as necessary as water, all the while being completely non-sexual and safe.

Ah, we’re working toward a Massage Utopia, you say. Certainly, all professional massage therapists world-over are raising these stress-allaying stations, right? Wrong. Especially when it comes to corporate massage business.

Here’s another surprise: The pro massage therapist must follow strict guidelines if he or she is employed with name-brand gyms and uber spas, and those guidelines mean ‘brick wall’ between you and a boundary-free massage. Ever had a spa or gym massage? Maybe it felt nice, but was it memorable? The ambience, if there was one, was more sterile than stellar. Maybe the session felt rushed, or maybe a massage sans attire was prohibited. Blame Big Business-imposed regulations for your mediocre experience.

But thank your gay masseur in his privately owned practice! With fewer restrictions, a gay masseur has already carefully arranged an intimate massage space of serene warmth. Note the details. Does candlelight dancing over earth-toned walls soothe the eye? Does soft music sing to the heart? Are you considering a visit to the massage astral plane au naturel? Go with it and relax. Your soul thirsts for serenity with no boundary, and it’s long overdue.

So long overdue, in fact, you’re now ready to scout down your heroic gay masseur. Chances are, you won’t find ‘Gay Masseur’ listed in the Yellow Pages, and you’re rather certain he isn’t living next door. So what’s your best bet?

For starters, try , where you’re almost guaranteed to find your therapist within driving distance. But, even if the drive is farther than you thought, don’t give up. What we consider the benefits of the big city are starting to spread into smaller communities, bringing better-quality massage therapy closer to home sooner than you think. And openly gay massage therapists are setting up mood-friendly and privately owned shop in neighborhoods everywhere.

Once you’ve found him, you’re in for a stress-wringing treat. Stereotypes aside, allow that a gay man may be more sensitive to the needs of others around him, and this includes you. His healing power of touch is likely to feel more intuitive than ‘learned’. Who knows? You may feel relaxed enough to let fly that toxic self-image enough to experience a massage with nary a stitch of whatever you wore in. Let’s face it; getting a massage in your clothes is like sunbathing in a parka.

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