Opening up your Swimming Pool after Winter has Passed

Winter can seem like eternity depending on the weather during that span of time. There is plenty of work to be done in order to prepare a swimming pool for the harsh weather of winter. If you do it correctly though it will be in great condition as the warmer weather rolls around. You will then need to perform some tasks in order to get it ready for your enjoyment.

Being ready for these tasks will ensure you have your pool ready on time. You can do them a few weeks before it is time for swimming to start too. That way you have time for repairs and replacing parts if necessary. If you have a heater you need to use it will give the water time to get to the desired temperature as well. Even in the summer months some people require a heater to keep the water right for night swimming.

You should have a sturdy cover on your swimming pool. Before you remove it you want to remove any dirt, debris, or water that has accumulated on the top of it. Otherwise you risk those things being dumped into the water remaining in your pool. A shop vacuum works very well to remove these elements from your cover. If you have a winter that is full of rain or snow falling then you should be doing this on warm days as well so that you don’t let too much of it accumulate.

Wash the cover off with soap and water before you put it away too. There could be bacteria and algae that has grown on it over the winter months. Make sure you allow the cover to completely dry before you fold it and store it. Failure to do so can result in mildew forming on it.

Even if you did everything correctly to prepare your swimming pool for winter you need to check it all again. Sometimes there is damage that results due to the colder weather setting in. Look for leaks and cracks in hoses that can pose a problem for you. Check the filtering system and the pump over. If you have a heater for your swimming pool make sure you carefully inspect it as well.

Even with the cover on the swimming pool there can be bacteria and algae in there. This is the perfect time to give it a very good cleaning. You can use a robotic cleaner on the sides and bottom or you can do it by hand. Vacuum the bottom of the swimming pool as well. If you had to drain all or some of the water from the pool add it back in at this time.

Once your water level is where you want it you need to test it out. Finding out the Ph levels at this time will allow you to decide what chemicals to add. If you have left over chemicals from the season before make sure they have froze or gotten damaged over the winter. If you discover they have then toss them out so you can be sure what you do add to the water will be effective.

If you have lights, ladders, and non-skid mats to put out then do so before anyone gets ready to use the swimming pool. It can be easy to forget these items but they need to be in place for safety. Check the screens on these items as well to be sure nothing is loose. You want everything to be in perfect working order for the swimming weather that is right around the corner.

Get into the routine of keeping all of your supplies for the swimming pool in one central location. That way you will know exactly where everything is when it is time to get ready for the swimming season. Take your time to set things up correctly this time of the year as well. That way you can focus on enjoying your swimming pool instead of dealing with one problem after another.

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