OPE Business System, Powersports Dealership Sofware Automation

Small engine software dealerships who sell lawnmowers, tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV’s, are usually so busy tracking their inventory, sales, and employees, that they don’t know there is an affordable option to automate and streamline all of these arduous tasks.

By placing your back office employees in the front, where they can actually assist customers waiting in line, and reducing numerous overhead costs, powersports business owners can save thousands of dollars each year.

How much is piece of mind worth to you? If you would like more free time to take a vacation because your small engine dealership is running virtually on autopilot, then we have just the answer for you. If you don’t think you can afford the solution, think again. With our easy-pay financing plan, you can’t afford not to take the next step toward professional business automation.

What headaches would Ideal Computer Systems take away for the small engine and parts dealership owner? Here is a list of just a few items we will automate for your business. Are you ready? Yes, this dealer management system will make your life easier.

– Search for customer by name or number / Add customers
– Hold transaction in progress / Create/store layaway sales
– Create/store quotes / Deposits on orders
– 3rd party billing / Search items by number or description
– Automatic part number supersession / Bar code scanning at POS
– Pricing by item, customer or group
– Warning if selling below cost / Inventory relieved instantly
– Automatic tax calculation / Multiple sales tax (including GST and PST)
– Backorder items directly from invoice / Floor Plan tracking and reporting
– Automatically calculate seasonal min and max / Bin location
– Password protection / Accounts Receivable
– Apply finance charges / Sales Summary (Financial)
– Sales Summary (Quantity) / Non-stocking Sales Report
– Salesperson Sales Summary Report / Sales Tax Report / Lost Sales (Quantity) Report
– Warranty and non-warranty items on same order / Track profit centers
– Split expenses among profit centers and partners / Maintain multiple budgets
– With general ledger, generate income and expense reports for each store, combined balance sheet
– View inventory status of each location in real time / Separate end-of-day reports for each location
– Finance & Insurance / Multiple unit sales / Sell up to 3 extended service policies on one deal
– In addition, Ideal also offers a fully-intergrated website shopping cart interface. Contact your sales representative for more details.
– Print customer lists through mail merge / Pre-printed invoices, statements, work orders, checks
– Track profit centers (eg: sales, service, parts)

Obviously, we cannot list all of the features and benefits of our outdoor power equipment software in one article. But you can see a small list of amazing benefits for your small engine power equipment dealership. With over 21 years in business, the integration of our powerful dealer management system software proves to be an extremely lucrative investment and time saver for everyone involved in your business.

Ideal Computer Systems experienced, professional staff provides your store with detailed training, which ensures a successful transition for your small engine dealership from the outdated inventory control methods used today, to the latest, streamlined and automated ope business system on the market.

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