Online Traffic Alternatives That Won’t Leave You Broke

As an advertiser you’re probably tired of playing the bidding wars by being forced into paying top dollar for good keywords. This tends to be particularly true when advertising in highly competitive markets and lucrative keywords and worse yet constantly having to deal with click fraud and junk traffic that hardly converts or is barely profitable.

The good news as an advertiser is that there are lots of new players in the pay-per-click and traffic generations arenas with large and diverse enough networks of sites that can deliver a good steady amount of traffic to your sites and sales page. Here is a quick look at some of the alternatives:

The richest man in the world, Bill Gates entered head first into the traffic business with the launch of the Microsoft adCenter. Although adCenter is quickly becoming popular among former AdWords and Yahoo users and driving up prices you may still be able to place ads in some markets with good results and not have to worry about running out of traffic which can occur with some of the smaller advertising networks.

NeoEdge Networks is a rather interesting advertising solution that places your ads into online games. There are three options for placing your ad including before and after a game and in between levels. They can deliver a good amount of traffic however your product should be marketed towards and look appealing for online gamers.

A lesser known traffic network is GoClick. Using GoClick you can get incredibly cheap clicks often for pennies. However one issue is the quality of traffic can be a problem as the ads are served on game sites or other sites that may not be at all related to your keywords. That said if you are promoting a mass appeal product at a wide audience GoClick can certainly provide results.

StumbleUpon has come onto the scene in force as both a traffic provider and a social bookmarking type of site. StumbleUpon is different than other networks in that people install a toolbar on their computer and then can click on it to be directed to an advertiser’s page. This type of traffic is much more targeted based on the toolbar users’ past website viewing preferences, yet at only five cents per click and the ability to give hundreds of visitors it is possible to turn a profit using StumbleUpon even selling diverse kinds of products and services.

You should always keep in mind that when first starting out to limit the amount or never buy any kind of traffic for a brand new sales page or an untested affiliate promotion… You can end up blowing a lot of dough by doing this if you’re not careful or lack experience using online advertising.

For new sales pages or affiliate promotions you can use other forms of free traffic generation like article marketing, forums, blogs or social bookmarking sites to test the waters and see how well the offer converts into sales. Once the offer has been tested, the sales page tweaked and converting well then delve into the PPC arena.

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