Online Shopping In The UK

Computers have been in use in the United Kingdom for as long as they have been used in other parts of the world but online shopping is still not the phenomenon that it is in the United States, where more than half of the population has shopped online. This is not to say that Britons do not shop online, just that they don’t use online shopping quite as much. They still prefer to shop in shops on the high street and have some tea afterwards or go to outdoor markets for fish and produce. Still, the convenience of online shopping has its allure and there are a number of attractive purveyors of all sorts of goods who will deliver the goods, so to speak, for orders placed online.

However, there are several department stores online, they range form the elegant and traditional Marks and Spencer’s to Tesco – a budget priced merchandiser of most things, especially household goods and electronics. Marks and Spencer’s has a full line of Women’s, men’s and children’s clothes and traditional but quality designs. They offer free shipping on orders over 39 pounds. Marks and Spencer also has a grocery with fresh and hard to find produce and top quality poultry, meat and seafood. It offers a range of prepared foods marketed under their own Marks and Spencer’s brand. Remember Brigit Jones? Marks and Spencer’s gourmet line has a variety of upscale, utterly delectable, well prepared high quality take out items that are also available online. Just as with Brigit, Marks and Spencer’s addiction could be your friend in times of need and your ultimate downfall as the high caloric content and high prices take their toll.

Kelkoo is on online shopping super site that is popular not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout Europe. Our site offers everything from clothing and house wares, to travel and hotel reservations. Kelkoo UK offers a comparison shopping and a search engine to help the consumer find the right item at the best price. The Kelkoo offers a feature where users may list their own items for sale. There is a small consignment fee for this service that is levied upon each sale. Another must have feature on Kelkoo is that you can pre order Harry Potter books before they hit the market.

Here are enough online merchants in the UK to satisfy every shopper’s need. Electronics, computers, books, house and garden retailers are all to be found a click away. Apple not only has an online store in the UK, it features a source of refurbished machines that are certified and available at lower prices, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba and the usual cast of computer characters are all available online. Bay has, of course, colonised UK online shopping and it operates under the same terms as in the U>S>

The consumer has access to an unlimited number of online retailers in the UK and just has to enter the item in his browser to pull up all the retailers. Orders are placed and filled in much the same way as in the US but shipping tends to be higher. Visa MasterCard and Paypal are all accepted forms of payment.

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