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Let’s say you’re on vacation. You’ve just taken a fantastic picture with your brand-new SupraUltraMax 18 megapixel camera, and you want to ship it home to all your friends and family. You find an internet cafe in the middle of a foreign country, pull the chip from your camera, and get ready to email it home–and that’s when you discover that your terrific new camera stores terrifically large images. There’s no way you can email a twenty-seven megabyte image back home. What’s worse, this Internet Cafe computer doesn’t have any image-editing programs on it, so you can’t find any way to crop or compress the image, either. Are you stuck waiting until you get home to share your images?

Not necessarily.

With the rise of broadband, several websites have popped up on the ‘net offering the ability to upload and edit pictures right there on the website.

Phixr is regarded as one of the better online editors. They have a wide variety of tools available, like Red Eye removal, Sepia conversion, OCR recognition, and Borders. They also have third-party agreements with such websites as Costco, Flickr, and Livejournal, allowing you to edit your photo online and immediately upload it to the other site. However, Phixr is not a storage site–they remove all pictures about three hours after editing is done.

PXN8 (think license plate, it’s pronounced Pixenate) has a feature called Bookmarklet that speeds up image loading. An image can be uploaded and opened in PXN8 with two mouse clicks. It has a wide variety of features and abilities, and is a favorite of reviewers because of the speed and ease of workflow.

Pixoh has one of the best interfaces of all the onlie photo editors, and one of the largest filesize limits (it will allow you to edit images up to ten megabytes in size). Unfortunately, so far it only offers a few basic features, like rotate and resize.

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