Online Paid Survey: Fact Or Fiction?

Paid surveys are not new, but many people are discovering them as the Internet makes them more popular. Have you ever wondered exactly how the whole thing works? We have collected a few questions which we have provided answers to, in order to help you better understand how online paid surveys work.

What is a survey?

A survey is a “gathering of data or opinions to be representative of a whole.” This is a good description if you want to better understand what you will get from an online paid survey. A survey is basically several questions which are designed to tell the surveyor more about a specific topic. For example, product satisfaction surveys generally are made up of questions intended to determine your opinion about a product: how useful you find it, whether you consider it expensive or reasonably priced, how often you would buy it, how you would use it, and more.

Who needs surveys?

Surveys are a standard market research tool, and are used throughout many industries and for many different topics. Surveys are preferred by marketing companies to gather and evaluate consumers’ opinions, which help them further refine and target their marketing activities.

Why do marketing companies pay consumers for their opinions?

One of the reasons marketing companies pay consumers is because they get better information. Think about free surveys you’ve been asked to take. Most people don’t take those seriously and may give incomplete or incorrect answers. Paying for their opinions is one way to get consumers to give better, more serious information. They don’t mind paying for this information because it helps them better reach their target audience, and that is well worth the small expense of buying some information.

How can I start receiving online paid surveys?

Thanks to the Internet, many marketing companies and consumer companies are paying for online surveys to be filled out. This has become a way for the average Joe to make extra cash with little to no effort. Once you have registered with the survey companies, you will begin receiving surveys. How frequently you receive them will depend upon your profile and the type of survey the company is sending out.

How much can I earn doing online paid surveys?

Each paid survey that you do online can bring a different amount of money. Some surveys may bring you a dollar or two while others may pay up to $50. Some will give you credits towards future purchases or other non-monetary gifts. Your total earnings will depend on the kind of surveys you complete and how many you complete. If you want to make more money, it is obviously better to sign up with more survey companies.

How do I get paid?

Although each survey company may have a different method of payment, the most popular options are PayPal, check, and credit card payments. If you have an option, be sure to select which one will be best for you. Also be aware of how many surveys you need to complete, or what balance you need to achieve before receiving a payout.

What should I watch out for?

As with any other moneymaking business online, you need to carefully select the sites you will work with. There are several legitimate sites, but there are many more fraudulent ones that only want to spam you in the hopes of making some quick cash. Check any contract agreements, and be sure you understand completely what you are being offered, the costs involved, and what your obligations are.

Be sure you are dealing with a real business and not just some fly by night .com scheme. Some signs that it’s a real company are: visible address, phone, and e-mail contact details, as well as the ability to speak to a human representative. Testimonials, while they can be forged, generally indicate a real and respectable company. You can also search for reviews online for the particular company you are looking at, and see what other people may have said about them.

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