Online Opportunity To Attain Financial Freedom

When a person first lands,or gets,a job they are grateful for a steady paycheck and the work. They have no reason to leave their present employment .In fact they plan to work there until retirement. But over a period of time ,say many years ,they grow to feel less and less challenged in their work.They grow to dislike the working environment of which they are a part of. They are not being paid a salary equivalent to their years of employment ,and yearn to leave and do something else with their lives.But because of finances, or a lack of opportunities, they feel trapped in their jobs.

But because of the phenomenal growth, of business on, and easy access to, the internet the average person has been given an Online opportunity to attain financial freedom at low cost through a small business on the internet. There are specific reasons for this. The number of internet users online has increased dramatically over the last 8 years.According to Cisco systems the largest commerce site in the world internet traffic is doubling every 100 days and that there are seven new people online every second .In the last year alone the number of online users around the world has increased by 55 percent. According to Nua Ltd., an internet strategy firm, in May of 1999 there were some 171 million people connected to the internet, the vast majority from North America. Now in 2007 that number has tripled. That huge influx of individuals have become consumers that have caused the e-commerce marketplace to grow to over $325 billion and sales have forecasted to reach $ 500 billion in 2007. This is a huge marketplace that allows the average individual with an Online opportunity to succeed with a small online business.

For a regular business start-up costs can vary between $20-$100,000 dollars for equipment, a place of business, employees, advertising. But online the average individual can start from under $500 with a fantastic site, and an online advertising campaign within two weeks, which includes e-mail promotions, co-op linking, newsgroups, search engines, autoresponder campaigns, library and article campaigns. In a regular business, to change the company brochure, or redesign a photocopied handout takes time and money. But online it takes very little time to change information for your business. An individual doesn’t have to give up their job immediately to run a business online. They can run it part-time gradually automating their business, as they go along, to the point that it practically runs itself. And they can increase their income to between $ 6000 to over $20,000 a month only working a few hours per week verses working 40-60 hours per week for low pay and hard work.

Because the day to day dealings of businesses, in the real world, can be impersonal with corporations and companies rarely interacting or communicating with their clientele or customers, the online business world tends to be a more personal place. People expect to interact with a real person when they send e-mail and there’s a lot personal information out there. This can work to the advantage of an individual who owns and runs a small business online. Business transactions online are different than that found in any previous market. The internet lacks many of the physical attributes of traditional exchange. E-commerce companies capital consist of only software and data.

Even though tangible goods can and are sold online much e-commerce involves intangible goods. In fact certain goods can be delivered digitally over the internet, Location and the actual identity of parties become irrelevant Since the content of a seller’s website can be hosted by a webserver located remotely, the host computer can be placed, and easily moved anywhere around the world without affecting its operations. Thus many transactions can take place with little information being required beyond an e-mail address and a credit card number.

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