Online Jewelry Stores – 6 Tips

Online jewelry stores offer both value and convenience, particularly for those living in rural areas or small towns that have a limited selection of jewelry available. But due to the nature of online business, they also provide ample opportunity for fraud, especially when they are located overseas. Please consider the following before purchasing jewelry online:

1. Deal directly with a manufacturer directly rather than a retail outlet. You’ll probably get lower prices that way, but even if a retail outlet offers low prices it should raise a red flag. When dealing directly with the manufacturer, low prices can be expected – you’re buying wholesale and eliminating the middleman.

2. Since can’t personally view the jewelry you buy online, purchase only from establishments that offer a return policy of at least 30 days. You should also pin them down on when this return period begins to run – when you pay, when it’s shipped, or when it’s delivered. Otherwise your item may get “lost in the mail” until you receive a piece of gravel exactly 31 days after you paid for it.

3. Be sure to deal with a professional. This advice applies double for an online jewelry store since you don’t get a chance to see the jewelry before you order. Only a professional jeweler is qualified to answer your questions and choose a piece that appropriate for you.

4. Go online to investigate the reputation of any online jewelry shop you deal with. The longer they’re in business, the more likely they will have attracted complaints if their service isn’t good.

5. Check whether or not the shop is a member of a professional jewelry associations, and don’t deal with any that are not. Verify their claim with the association itself – don’t simply take their word for it.

6. How long have they been in business? Not just how long online, but how long offline as well.

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