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Merriam Webster is one of the most recognized names when it comes to dictionaries. Most people have a dictionary in their home but as words and meanings change and are added to through time, these dictionaries are easily outdated. In addition, it can never be found whenever you need it. When needing a dictionary, most people are online or using the computer. There are a lot of promotions and deals on dictionaries on the Internet. What better way to look up an unknown word or find a synonym or antonym with ease than to use an online dictionary? Merriam Webster dictionaries are available, free of charge online. This is a great tool for the home user or student who needs help with a particular definition.

The site is located at and is very easy to use. Even if you do not know the correct spelling, Merriam Webster online will give you suggested spellings of found words. This is a great way to get clarification on the spelling of something as well as get a better understanding of the meaning of a word. Keeping this link in your favorites is a great way to ensure you are always knowledgeable when reading forum posts or blogs.

If you are someone who enjoys increasing their vocabulary by using the word of the day, this site has that option. You can go to the site and click on the word of the day or you can subscribe and get it mailed to you via email every day. This is a great way to start the morning and a fun way to increase your vocabulary. You can try to use the word of the day at least once in conversation throughout the day. If someone is not clear on what the word means, you can point them in the direction of Merriam Webster online.

For people who have children, there is a fun, interactive section that is designed especially for children. This way, kids can learn to read and spell as well as increase their vocabulary while enjoying themselves. All kids like to use the computer and all parents worry about what sites their kids are using. Instead of mindless games, Merriam Webster provides a fun way for kids to get exposure to the computer and Internet while learning at the same time. Homework was never easier with the use of Merriam Webster online also. Papers and assignments can be finished with the correct verbiage when the thesaurus is used to look up similar words. Merriam Webster online is a great way to use a continually updated dictionary at the click of a mouse.

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