Online Computer Training And The US Armed Forces

Today’s military is on the leading edge of technology. Leaders in the US Armed Forces have long recognized that a trained soldier is a good soldier. Along with this: a good soldier is a happy soldier; a happy soldier is a retained soldier. With advances in technology, and the advent of the internet, it was only a matter of time before the military would come online. Due to this steadfast belief, the military evolved. If mother necessity were the mother of invention, then education was the necessity. Military members now have access to advanced training and other educational materials through online computer training.

In the military of old, training was conducted primarily in a classroom environment: no online computer training whatsoever. The alternative to classroom instruction was correspondence courses. While some training requires the student to be under direct supervision of the trainer: other’s don’t. To alleviate this, the military designed correspondence courses. Each correspondence course had attached a pre-test and a final test: the member would mail in the pre-test and receive a final exam to complete and return. Correspondence courses alleviated the stress put upon training commands and allowed students to study at their own pace. At the time, this was a boon to the military and it’s personnel. Problems arose with this program, though. Problems such as lost or misrouted mail often prevented members from obtaining much needed certificates. The course completion certificate was considered the only proof required for course completion. Also, the certificate often served as a substitute for training requirements. In addition to this, certificates were the only requirement for obtaining points toward promotion. With the aforementioned problem came personnel problems. Personnel problems were an issue that if not solved expediently added to retention problems. The military recognized this issue and determined to do something about it.

Another issue faced by military members of the past was obtaining a college degree. Members were often deployed or stationed in locations where access to college was not possible. Due to this problem, members attempting to obtain a degree had issues with continuity of their education. A simple change from one duty station to another created problems also: one college not accepting another colleges curriculum. Eventually, the military recognized both problems and determined that providing military members to online computer training would benefit everyone.

Nowadays, on any military installation one can find an ‘internet café’. These locations were established to serve the member with the opportunity to access the internet. Internet access provided the opportunity for accessing online computer training. Members now access courses that were previously offered only through correspondence. Through online computer training, members can now complete an online degree no matter where they are on the globe. That is, of course, provided that they can access the internet. Generally the only places that have problems with internet connectivity are submarines, yet with technology advancing that may not be a problem for long.

And the problem with correspondence courses? Online computer training resolved all of that. Members now have instant access to completion certificates. Certificates lead to points, and points lead to promotions. All of these combined makes a trained, retainable soldier. Therefore, online computer training has helped keep the US Armed Forces truly a force to be reckoned with.

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