Online Business Strategies Part 2: Successful Customer Maintenance

You successfully marketed your online business, and now you have a growing pool of customers. Now is the perfect time to ratchet up your client maintenance program!

Wait… you don’t have one? Then you need to consider implementing the following customer maintenance strategies that are easy-to-employ, even for work at home entrepreneurs without a sales background.

1. Special Offers

You want your clients to feel special, so why not offer them coupons, gifts, and reduced rates periodically (or with a certain number of orders)? That way, they’ll be enticed to come back to your online business rather than trying to “shop around” for another deal.

2. Newsletter

In our cyber age, there’s nothing wrong with gathering customers’ email addresses (with their permission, of course) and regularly sending them information about your online business in e-newsletter formats. Just be certain that the text is actually something that they’ll care about; you can even include coupons or coupon codes in your newsletters as an “extra something” for your home business clients.

3. Call or Email Them

The personal touch goes a long way, especially if a client doesn’t expect it. Even if you’re just a fledgling online business, you can make a huge splash by randomly calling a few customers a week. You can email them too, but calling on the phone makes a bigger impression. You don’t have to launch into a diatribe about how thankful you are that they shopped at your home business, but do let them know you appreciate their patronage. They’ll be impressed by your candor and likely to come back… and refer your online business to friends.

Whether you have been a work at home enthusiast for many years or just a few weeks, it will always benefit you to “take care” of your customers. Then, they’ll take care of you by keeping your home business afloat.

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