One size fits all? Its been so for a decade now

An open job position requirement is sent to recruiters, the details are blurred, probably the job position itself was copy pasted from somewhere and tailored a wee bit. Of course there is a deadline. The recruiter has her own doubts about compensation matching up to skills. But there is a deadline and this is a challenge that the recruiter should take up, to prove her credentials and, perhaps an entry into the recruiter hall of fame.
Search job boards, portals, hit the network
There is electricity in the air with a good chance of the energy turning into panic
Assuming that a new open job position does mean that there are some unique (if not anything rare or nearly extinct) traits…
Freeze frame, and let’s ponder a few questions:
Why should all job order formats be the same
And more important, why should all resume formats be the same
Information that is relevant to make a decision definitely varies. Can anyone out here argue – debate that one resume format fits all?
Thats like, I would want to know technical skills of a merchandize manager or, want to know the sales targets of my payroll services associate…
But then, why do we take the one size fits all approach from all job services and portals?
Anyone working multiple sectors? Specifically non information technology recruiters? Shout it out…

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