One Powerful Image Processing Software – Autoimager

With the widely application of the computer , our life is full of all kinds of media, such as image, audio, video and so on. Images are used most widely among them. There are full of images everywhere when we start our computers or run almost any programs, such as operating system, all kinds of applications, games, on-line surfing etc. When we catch sight of interesting images we usually save or download them on our hard disk so that we can review or use them later.

Sometimes, we also take photos ourselves in various occasions. More and more images are stored on our hard disk gradually, so how to edit and manage them becomes very important for us. I have a personal website, I must upload large numbers of images every now and then and these iamges are limited the same size or format. I edit my images with PhotoShop and view them with AcdSee before. Because the PhotoShop is a little difficult to me, my work efficiency is very low. But it becomes different since I have used AutoImager which was introduced by a friend of mine. My work efficiency is much higher than before with AutoImager which combine processing and conversion application. Do you have the same experience as me? Now I introduce you AutoImager which is designed by Mystik Media and I can make sure that It will give you great help.

Here are some basic characters and features about this software. AutoImager is a full-featured batch image processing and conversion application. The program is easy-to-use and thanks to its interface-driven concept, we do not have to understand programming or even scripting in order to perform the advanced batch conversion and processing tasks. It offers support for more than 90 image formats, as well as an extensive array of customizable image enhancement, editing, and processing operations.

AutoImager also offers complete command-line support with more than 125 configurable command-line choices. It offers dozens of processing filters, including auto-trim, resize, resample, crop, brightness, contrast, unsharp mask and many others. All effects can be adjusted and previewed in a before/after display before they are processed.

In a word, AutoImager includes many popular filters and format conversions as well as extensive command-line options. But it is no watermarking and the filters are poorly organized, so the filters cannot be processed in a particular order.

AutoImager provides a free trial for us, but only can be free used 30 days and some features of this software are disabled. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. AutoImager does not contain any adware or spyware and we can use it safely and undisturbedly. It works with all versions of Windows and its current version is 3.06. The size of AutoImager is only 68 kb and it is smaller than similar tools I have used. What are you waiting for? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once! It is one great and powerful image processing software.

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