One New Anti-Spam Software “G-Lock Spamcombat”

Would you like to catch and delete spam before it reaches your inbox? Self learning system based on your spam and good email detects spam with great precision and accuracy, adapts to new types of spam, stops viruses and malicious code.

It’s easy if you receive several unsolicited emails per day. But if you get tens or hundreds spam messages every day, it’s a real problem. That’s why you need an anti-spam filter. The anti-spam program will relieve you from a tedious manual work when you have to delete all garbage from your inbox by hand. Plus, you save your valuable time, bandwidth and money!

G-Lock SpamCombat is a complex anti-spam solution that combines Bayesian filtering with customizable rules. It scans the email messages while they are still in your POP3 account, and can automatically delete spam on the server, so that it is not even downloaded to your email program.

This is a simple, easy to use anti-spam software and has powerful features to stop spam & viruses. It’s a standalone easy-to-use anti-spam filter, which deletes about 99% spam emails before you download them with your email client.

Even though the email is deleted from your POP account, you can still browse through the deleted items and recover any mail if needed (similar to Windows Recycle bin).

The Bayesian filter option allows G-Lock SpamCombat to learn from your actions, so all you have to do is mark a message as spam or good and the program automatically adjusts its filter settings to become more accurate.

This Software is a Shareware, the Price is $35. The publisher is glocksoft.

The latest G-Lock SpamCombat version is, the File size is 4.1 MB. In addition, you can configure custom rules for messages that should always be deleted or accepted, remove viruses and malicious code and more. Additional features include statistical graphs, HTML tag filtering and more.

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