One Day There Will Be Just As Many People Working At Home As In An Office

What makes working at home so appealing? Did you know that the United States census bureau has stated that one in every two homes by the year 2010 will have a home business? That is an astounding amount of people working from home. What is the reason for people wanting to change from working in an office to working from home?

One reason may be time spent on the road. The census bureau has stated that a person spends an average of one hundred hours a year driving to and from work. These are precious hours that could be spent at home with your family, friends or even spent volunteering. When you work out of an office in your home, the commute in the morning is however long it takes you to get from your kitchen to your office assuming you need that morning cup of

With the constant rising cost of gas if you have a long commute every day you may have to ask yourself if it is worth it. Add up the cost you spend every month on gas and parking. In some cities the price of a parking space downtown can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. So what percentage of your paycheck is going toward just those two things?

Now that gas and parking has been covered the next expense related to working outside the home is your wardrobe. Unless you are working in a position that requires a uniform supplied to you by the company you are probably spending upwards of a thousand dollars a year on work clothes. Then there are lunches, are you packing your own or do you go out to eat every day? Even if you only eat out three days a week that is still twelve times a month. At around ten dollars per meal you will roughly be spending fifteen hundred dollars a year. That is a lot of money that could be used very differently. Think of that vacation you have always wanted to take.

Another thing that makes people want to work at home is that by doing that you will only be doing your work. No more having to take on a co-workers work load because either they were too lazy to do it or they turned in shoddy work and the boss came to you to fix it. The only work that you will
be required to do is the work that you yourself committed to do.

There are also no more worries about whether you have anymore sick days left. If you happen to be sick one day, you have the ability to start your day at a later time. That isn’t even an option if you have an office job. If you are out of sick days you’ll find yourself having to drag your achy body to work. Not a fun time if you ask me.

There is more involvement in having a home business than just plugging in your computer and firing up internet explorer. You need to put some thought into how you are going to set up your home office so that you get the most out of your space. It also needs to be appealing enough to you so that you will want to spend hours a day in there. So don’t just go and grab a desk from someone else’s trash bin and take a chair from your kitchen on the way through. Your office needs to reflect your business. If it is cluttered, messy and totally unorganized you are not going to find yourself having many productive days. So before you begin working make sure that your office will work for you.

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