One Day Miracle Diet

One Day Miracle Diet – as dieticians put it – is a suitable diet program for gourmet buffs. This cholesterol lowering diet plan is quite simple – you diet for a day and eat full the next day and continue this routine until you feel that you have lost enough weight. It is also called the 24 hour Hollywood Miracle Diet.

During the dieting day, refrain from eating any other food than vanilla (every two hours) or chocolate diet wafers and raw fruits. Also, make it a point to drink lots of water (ideally 8 glasses of water or above). It is also advisable to follow a light exercise routine for better results. Walking short distances will serve the purpose.

The biggest advantage with one day cholesterol lowering diet programs is that the person undergoing dieting will not suffer any muscle loss. This is partially because of the high protein and low calorie content of the wafers, and partially due to the fact that the dieting person actually in fact is not completely severed from his/her eating habits. He/she can have any food he/she wants the every next day.

On the other hand, the disadvantage with the cholesterol lowering diet program is that it does not contribute towards improving one’s eating habits. That is, as it does not suggest an improved diet, the chances of the person regaining the weight due to normal eating after stopping the diet program are high. Also, nutritional deficiency can happen sometimes depending on the physical aspects of the person concerned.

To conclude, cholesterol lowering diet programs of this sort can bring about quick results. Further, as the person is not restricted from his normal diet for more than 24 hours, people will be more inclined to try out this diet program. But the con is that perhaps people may resort to eating more after the one-day deprival. Hence one’s control over his/her eating impulse is critical for ensuring complete success.

Tail Piece – some dieticians tout this cholesterol lowering diet program to be more effective than the traditional tuna and egg diet.

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