Once Upon A Time

There once was a time, maybe not too long ago, where we didn’t have all of the technological luxuries that we enjoy today. The mere thought of listening to music on a portable digital music player like the Apple iPod Nano was simply, ludicrous. The incredible graphics of a home video game system like the Xbox 360 only existed in dreams and imaginations. And who could have imagined a bulky, shoulder-mounted video camera turning into a tiny, hand held digital video camcorder? It’s really incredible to think that just as little as twenty years ago, all of these incredible technological devices weren’t even thought of and about, let alone were mass produced. Now, you can do into any store or refurbished electronics dealer and find a whole range of amazing electronic items.

If you own an iPod or a Sony Playstation Portable, can you imagine not having these luxuries – and that’s what they are – at your disposal and at your beck and call? Earlier and previous generations didn’t have the option or ability to literally take every song they’ve ever heard with them wherever they go as we do now with the Apple iPod Nano. They could only listen to songs on cassette tapes, vinyl records, or heaven forbid, the old classic 8-track player. And as for taking songs with them, that was out of the question. Even though we can bring our music with us wherever we go by using the Apple iPod Nano, one has to remember that portable music players, like the original Walkman, weren’t introduced to the public until 1980, which isn’t even 30 years ago.

It’s interesting to wonder what people did for fun and entertainment many years ago. Going to the movies was always a popular pastime, but you can now download and watch videos on your PSP or your Xbox 360. Perhaps some people liked to simply goof off and act silly, which now, with the advent of the digital camcorder, you can shoot and share your goofy adventures and upload them on the internet for all the world to see. Sitting around listening to music is also a nice way to kill time, but why sit around when today, you can listen while on the go with your Apple iPod Nano? No matter what people did for fun and entertainment in the past, we can now do it bigger, better, louder and faster with a whole array of electronics at our disposal.

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