On Hosting, Wall Papers, And Cartridges

So what does a novice do in this amazing wonderland of computers? Whereas on the one hand, toddlers seem to be Coming out of their mother’s womb, well-armed with knowledge of advanced techniques online, old-timers like me struggle to grasp the basic concepts. Take for instance my travails with an inkjet cartridge. Tell me, is it not logical that a printer should cost much more than its consumable. For instance, would you expect a vacuum cleaner bag to be much more expensive than the vacuum cleaner itself? Well, that is what happens when you buy a buy inkjet printer. You need to go and get low priced cartridges that can overtake the price of the printer in no time. Probably the solution is to refill older printer cartridges.

Armed with this deep knowledge of inkjet printers, I ventured out into the the labyrinth that is the Internet and tried to find my way around. So, I visited site after site after site – well you get the idea – just to find that there are a lot of people who want me to perform a lot of online tasks. One of the most common tasks is to download wallpapers. I can get all kinds of wallpapers, be they about fishes, celebrities, movies, scantily clad women, flowers, and a whole lot more. I do not get it. Why do people want me to download wallpapers? Especially since they all want me to download wallpapers for free. Surely you cannot beat that price. But, still why do people want me to view particular wallpapers? Is this some kind of mass hypnosis, where all the characters in the wallpapers will suddenly come alive and make me do their bidding? Of course what what takes the cake is the offer for me to download a bunch of smileys. These are little smiling faces which have now gotten animated and rather noisy.

In any case, I tread through the path of life soaking in the deep philosophical learning of inkjet printers and wallpapers. On to my abortive tread through the path of life to have my own website…

If you thought that learning about inkjet cartridges was amusing, wait till you hear about my attempts at hosting. Though you may never have realized it, but there is actually a computer somewhere that “hosts” your site. It literally has all the stuff that you create – called web pages. Hosting can be your friend or it can be your enemy. If you go to a good hosting service that values good technology and excellent customer service, you will get a good night sleep in the knowledge that your servers are in good hands.

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