On Being YOUNG

One can never stop the passing of time. Hence, aging is inevitable. But being and looking old now seems to be just an option. One can still have the better option, and that is to feel and look young. But what does this ideal really mean? Is it limited to a radiant skin and wrinkle-free skin? Is it just the absence of the torment of arthritis?

Definitely not. Staying young encompasses a wide range of ideas and includes more good conditions than the aforementioned. Being young comes from the mind, body, and the heart.

Being sharp

As people age, they tend to be less smart, alert, and intelligent. Compared to a young grade-schooler, an old person can hardly recite the multiplication table with ease, speed, and accuracy. This is because as they age, neurons weaken and lessens its ability to recall facts and details. To avoid this and be young in the mental capacity, people should do few good things.

Meditating, resting well, and getting enough sleep help brain to be at ease. Playing board games like chess, scrabbles, and word factory can help boost your brain. Eating a healthy diet with less cholesterol is helpful.

Doing moderate aerobic exercises can produce Brain-Derived Neurotrohic Factor (BDNF) that maintains a healthy neuron. BDNF is a protein that acts on certain neurons of the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS) that aids in the survival of existing neurons. Adding to that, BDNF encourages the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.

Being healthy

Being young is almost synonymous to being healthy. If one is at his optimum health, he is sure to look and feel good, which is by the way, how many define being young. As we all know, to be healthy is to guard your own body. Eat more nutrient-packed greens, more Omega-3 containing fish, and other healthy stuff like whole-grains, tomatoes, milk, fruits, and water.

And of course, less foods containing tons of cholesterol (burger patties, barbecues, fries) and sodium (chips, MSG, salt). Exercising for at least ten minutes a day, avoiding stress, and a regular visit to a doctor are of great help to staying healthy.

Being young wouldn’t be complete without a healthy skin. As the body’s largest organ, it can tell how well your health is and how well you are aging. Eating at least 5 serving of anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables, sipping anti-oxidant rich green tea, and drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day are of prime necessity.

Not to mention, a smile can really deceive others of your age.

Being optimistic and vigorous

Having an encouraging, dynamic, and balanced approach or outlook towards your individual and collective possibilities is a healthy advantage. Not only does it provide you with better results in what you seek, it also gives your youthful energy a boost.

Optimism and vigor shape a huge part in the expansion of your emotional life. If you wish to live well and young, you will have to remove the self-defeating pessimism from your mind, and replace with a constructive attitude.

Being young is also being optimistic and vigorous, and that requires more of us than exhibiting a compelled smile and telling yourself, “you can do it.” Being young is living your life at full capacity, and we can only go beyond what we think we can if we expand ourselves rather than holding yourself back, and rather than putting you forward. After all, who got blinded by looking at the brighter side of life?

Indeed, being young is also skin-deep. And because it is, you should examine a little more within you to know whether you too can feel and look young. And if you will, the inside will radiate a more beautiful being.

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