Oil Filter Crushers

Recycling waste products is now seen as being one of the most important factors for any business, and an auto workshop is no different from the norm. With both environmental benefits in the form of a reduction in the amount of raw materials required by industry, and a financial benefit in reducing the cost of disposing of hazardous waste, recycling is an important consideration for any business, and one of the most straightforward opportunities in a workshop is an oil filter crusher, which can prepare these otherwise bulky items for scrap metal recycling, as well as removing the waste oil for proper disposal.

With most regular engine oil filters, a complex series of one way valves is used to control the flow of oil through the filter. This prevents the sludge that build up over time flowing back out of the trap and then contaminating the rest of the oil supply in a car. Because old filters still contain all the sludge and waste oil, they must be disposed of by a specialist handler, with a large cost.

By putting the filter through an oil filter crusher, all of the remaining waste inside it is forced out as the filter is compressed. All that is left is the metal that made up the unit, which can be recycled simply and does not require any special handling. The remaining oil is collected in a drum for easy disposal in line with the EPA regulations. The cost of this method is obviously much lower, so over time the initial investment in an oil filter crusher for a workshop will pay off enormously.

Oil filter crushers work using a heavy duty piston that presses down on the used filter, splitting it apart, and flattening it completely. The piston can be either gas powered using the compressed air system in your workshop, or if this is not available, electrically powered models are also available. The operation of the units is simplicity itself. Once the waste filter has been loaded into the hopper all that is required is a single button press, and then the machine will run through its program, leaving the filter ready for recycling and the waste oil in a drum.

With a high quality model such as the Crushmaster 1, the air powered ram compresses the old filters with around 13,000 lbs of force. This means that it can handle up to 4 waste filters at a time, and operate reliably. Thanks to the excellent build quality of the product, it requires very little ongoing maintenance, and should work normally for years.

The even more powerful Crushmaster 2, which has a higher capacity than its sibling, and as one of the most powerful oil filter crushers on the market, can call on a 4 HP electric motor that will deliver around 37,500 lb of force – more than enough to handle even large truck oil filters.

These two high quality crushers are available with a convenient stand that has been designed especially to handle them and make their use additionally safe and convenient.

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