Oh…..to be FEMALE!!!

Being human is not an easy task, we tend to say these days, but I think it has been that way since day 1 of mankind.

But being FEMALE, now that’s a challenge and a half. I have never been a guy, but from what I see and don`t get me wrong guys, I know that you have your hands full trying to co-habitate with us females.

Seriously though lets look at men from my side of the fence..


-they fear rejection from women.

-they worry about their ability to perform and satisfy women (if they are gentlemen)

-they worry about putting food on the table.

-they worry about women not being attracted to them(younger women in some cases)

-they worry they may not survive the women’s next menstrual-cycle


-they might worry about prostate and colon-cancer(if they are smart)

-they worry about their children, if they have any

-they worry about success

Fair enough…now…FEMALE WORRIES!!

-we worry that we are not pretty enough

-we worry we are not thin enough

-we worry we are not sexy enough

-we worry we will not keep them interested in us

-we worry that they will find younger women more of a lift to their egos

-we worry that we confuse them too much

-we worry about success

-we worry about our children, if we have any

-we worry that we will have to depend on men for financial support

-we worry men will not respect us for our intelligence

-we worry about our menstrual cycles(totally out-of-our-mind-days of the month)

-we worry about losing our youthful bodies (the ones that men seem to totally get whiplash around)

-we worry that no matter how much time and effort we put into keeping ourselves looking good, the men will not notice (wallflower syndrome)

-we worry about keeping it altogether(job, house, kids, and satisfying hubby )

-we worry about the ever dreaded menopause(eeeek)

So that’s pretty much most of the human worries that are first to pop into my mind, whether they be yours or not, sorry, this is my article.

Now I know that not all females and males fall into most of these worries. But I think I am speaking for the norm of worries.

Also women tend to be victims of society a hell of a lot more than men, after-all is it not a “mans world”?…. Do we see half naked men all over the television?….NOT. Women have a lot more to prove these days than men also.

Men say, “its not a COMPETITION” , uhg! I have heard that so many times that I want to gag at times on that answer. Then why are we made to feel like we are in a competition? Why are there so many women with low-self-esteem? Why are there so many women with jealousy issues? Why is the cosmetic-surgery market booming? Why are there radio commercials selling cosmetic-surgery like its candy? Why is it that women can see a good looking guy and not get whiplash or have to wipe drool off their chins?

Many of the women I have listened to or read their thoughts all ask these same questions. These are not just a select few, these are many, many women from all over the world. Guys, trust me here, I am only looking for answers, I am not bashing at all.

Some females do not care about any of this stuff, never have a care or worry in the world, ever wonder why. Maybe they are so into themselves, that’s all they care about. I think if you are that detached from whats going on in the world around you that you definitely are on your own planet. Maybe that’s how we all should be, but hmmm, how would the world be with no one caring about what others think or feel?

There are so many different people in the world and I am sure some fit nothing I have said here, remember people this is just my brain trauma here, so take it with a smile and a chuckle. I am merely giving you something to think about.

I do shout out to the world though for us women that really, really care about what men think . We are working overtime to please , so wake up guys and take notice.

Dorothy Lafrinere
Website- http://www.womensselfesteem.com
Weblog- http://www.justblogme.com/Dorothy
Forum- http://womenselfesteem.proboards29.com
email- dorothy@womensselfesteem.com

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