Offline Promotion Tips That Can Jumpstart Your New Online Business

The success of an Online Business depends on the traffic the website is able to generate. Getting the site noticed by the Search Engines or getting reciprocal links and one-way links are no easy tasks for the Newbie. This is in fact one of the most frustrating periods for the new online entrepreneur.

To solve this problem you have to adopt certain strategies that can bring traffic to your website. The best way to get about is to plan out an offline promotion strategy right from the beginning. Offline Promotion can bring you substantial traffic and help you keep your morale up till you start generating regular traffic from the Search Engines and other online promotion strategies.

Word of mouth:

Word of mouth is considered to be one of the best forms of advertising your business, products and services. Pass the word around about your Online Business to your friends, acquaintances. Unique and quality products and services will soon be taken note of, appreciated and promoted by word of mouth.

Jeff Bezos the founder of places great importance to this mode of offline promotion. He says “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” He should know!

Business Cards:

Most entrepreneurs who are new to business do not realize the importance and effectiveness of a business card. A business card immediately projects your business image and credibility. Seize the opportunity and exchange cards with friends and acquaintances at parties, seminars, conferences, trade fairs, clubs and other functions. They can be your future customers or they could recommend your business to their friends.


Put your URL on all printed material that goes out of your office such as envelopes, faxes, invoices, labels and letterheads. You could even print special offers on envelopes that you send out. They all add up to a huge number and collectively can promote your business offline.


Distributing Flyers is an inexpensive method of promoting your Online Business. These are cheap to produce and in fact can be produced by you in the computer. Provide all the details of your business as briefly as possible and especially your URL. You can leave them at libraries, community centers, stores and other places where people gather. These can also be distributed door to door.


Brochures are well known promotional tools. A well designed attractive brochure can capture the heart of many a potential customer. The URL should be displayed prominently. This can be handed out to potential customers and also placed in clubs, bars, supermarkets and libraries.


Placing bumper stickers or magnetic signs on your vehicles is an inexpensive way of promoting your online business, Offline. Prominently displaying your URL and phone number to be noticed and remembered by thousands of people everyday is the secret of

Newspapers and Magazines:

Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines are a great way of promoting your business. It could be costly for some of the new entrepreneurs, but you could start off by placing small classified Ads. in the local newspapers. You could move on to the more popular newspapers once you have established your business.


An effective but expensive way of promoting your business is to advertise over the radio. The advantage is that your message will reach millions of people nation wide. The disadvantage is that most new entrepreneurs will find this mode of promotion beyond their means.


Advertising on the TV. is one of the most expensive ways of promoting your business. There are certain local channels that are not very costly. The advantage of TV advertisements is that you can project a powerful image and your potential customers would get the impression straightaway that yours is a successful business.


The success of these Offline promotion strategies depends on how well you plan and implement them. These Offline strategies should be put in place the very moment your business goes Online so that they will collectively generate substantial traffic that will keep you happy till your Online promotion methods start working and thereafter too.

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