OCD Victim Why we do what we do

Where does an OCD sufferer begin to start? to explain what compels them to do the things that are slowly destroying them inside or the people around them.
Catch 22
Do you suffer in silence to please your loved ones or show them the door?

Being an OCD sufferer for as long as I can remember has left me a dedicated addict to Temazepam.
The tablets will help was the doctors very words. I also recall him saying, how I would kill myself if I carried on doing what I was doing.

Those life threatening rituals regardless of those words of wisdom from my local GP are still being carried out.

Prescription prescribed one psychologist.

How could he help? Questions raised by the psychologist were that of my childhood. Questions like was I abused as a child. Well if that being the case I certainly was not going to confide in or tell a complete stranger.
Some things stay hidden in the closet and are taken to the grave.

Most OCD victims may have suffered at some stage in their life some form of abuse.

In a way this makes sense, but what of our fellow sufferers with no abusive upbringing where do the answers lie?

So severe is the urge to cleanse ourselves, we enter into another world where we find contentment in releasing our energies in habitual rituals that we no longer have control over.

Is there a cure? Yes of course, all we do is stop what we are doing, how?

By not committing ourselves to listen to those little voices in our heads any longer.
Demon’s who cast an opinion on how we run our lives. What right have they to enter our heads uninvited? Rid of these devils and we have the antidote for the poison inflicted upon us.

For an invisible force they win hands down every time.

Help comes in many forms as in i.e. medication relaxation classes, herbal tonics etc. Depending on the individual and of course how severe the symptoms

Therapies differ and do work with high success rates for many sufferers. Recommending what is best for you is out of my jurisdiction we all differ greatly in our needs to find the cure.

The first step on the road to recovery is to face up to the problem. Will this cure me you ask? No, but it will certainly slow down the process of putting yourself into an early grave.

OCD is about speed, the quicker one job or task is done; it is time to move onto the next. This death sentence that I have imposed upon myself is challenged each day by slowing down.

Do a little research on the illness to find how you can help yourself; this helped me greatly in my search for freedom
Finding the time to read was another step forward, because to have done this. I knew I had then put another chore on the back burner.

Half the battle is won for a victim of OCD if they can be heard in the way that they want to be understood.

A move in the right direction is to talk to fellow sufferers of this self destroying disease.

2% of the population are victims to this uncontrollable force behind why we do what we do.

Alienate these aliens by becoming a force with other OCD victims in the battle against self destruction because that is exactly what it is, Self Destruction.

And the most dangerous accomplice on this mission is YOU.


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