OCD Over Compulsive Disorder – Till Death Do Us Part

To lose a loved one is heartbreaking, to see some one you love in pain is heartbreaking, to leave your child on their first day of school is heartbreaking. All these sad events can be removed from our thoughts if nurtured tenderly and tactfully. But what of over compulsive disorder a disease you can not negotiate with thus causing the patient to suffer from heartbreaking symptoms till death do us part. In some unfortunate cases parting of the ways was by death. (Suicide)

Over compulsive disorder can change a person and their way of thinking therefore causing havoc in their lives, in other words turning their whole world upside down. Do not despair or give up on yourself as we live in the 21st century where OCD is taken very seriously by 21st century doctors. Living in the modern world has now given many victims of this illness the will to fight the disease. Remember you need not fight this battle alone. There is a lot of understanding people in the medical profession who on a daily basis are helping sufferers alike to recognise that the symptoms of OCD can be eased, put on hold or disappear.
Till death do we part still stands if you permit your OCD to take control, divorce your self from your own thoughts?

OCD has caused so much heartache in the lives of approx 3.3 million American adults. This disorder is suffered by both genders and can effect all ages. Symptoms present in a patient are obsessions and compulsions where the person will enact rituals repetitively. These actions differ greatly among sufferers of OCD. Depending on the severity of the condition people have been hospitalised due to anxiety attacks and the stress which aggressively forces the patient to lose control.
Obsessions are usually of intrusive thoughts and disturbing images. Compulsions are rituals which are performed over and over again in a bid to rid their obsessions developed or brought on by the devil as some would see it.
Over compulsive disorder is not a solo act it allows other dedicated followers to tag along like depression and anxiety. The effect that these partners in crime have on a patient can be devastating causing so much pain to the victim and their loved ones.
When this disease gets to grip where it is causing concern for your health then please do not hesitate to talk to someone. Medication and advice is readily available for those seeking help.

This may sound a little selfish but choosing to ignore medical help will only add further pain to you and your loved ones – family and friends. Good for you if you have sought help then it is only a matter of time. The process of healing does not happen over night. But for those who choose to ignore the help then you instigate the pain behind what your nearest and dearest feel.

Put the shoe on the other foot where you become the victim of a victim of OCD.

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