OCD – Dont Look Back in ANGER

How is it that an OCD sufferer can never leave a room or walk through a door without looking back?

Why do we fight the urge to look back? Well let me tell you? It is because we find ourselves going back to fluff up the cushions, god only knows how many times the doors are checked to see if they are locked before retiring to bed, that trickle of glistening water on the draining board needs to be wiped. No matter how tired we are someone has to straighten the rug or dust the television. Whatever it takes for peace of mind an OCD victim will do it.

Actions of an over OCD sufferer is very similar to that of Feng Shui followers, where prosperity energy and good luck comes to those if objects/furniture is placed in the right location. Our daily habits are duplicated in a similar manner only we do not seek prosperity and luck it is that of peace and contentment.

Over compulsive disorder is recognized as a disability it is one of the top ten causes that destroys a person physically/mentally.
Approx over 5 million US citizens will develop it if not already suffer from OCD.
What is so frightening about over compulsive disorder is not to know the statistics behind it all.

Fatigue is a major factor that leaves us so lethargic all because our brain focuses on the next chore before we start the first.
Children can develop OCD and have obsessive rituals like keeping toys in order, teens also fall under the spell.
Mum/dad if you notice any change in your child’s behaviour then get help fast. If left to fester then this disease will spread out of control. The early bird catches the worm, nip it in the bud.

I am not sure of any proven cure but help is out there to ease the stress, OCD is serious, it murders the mind.
A recent research proved children in their preschool years have a strong chance of developing OCD. Most adults battling OCD will have been affected since in their teens.

Repetitive thoughts and odd behaviour as some outsiders would see it become a part of our life where it takes over our life

Obsessions and compulsions is where a victim experiences disturbing thoughts and ideas?
These senseless and stressful symptoms are enough to destroy the sane. To ease anxiety we get an urge to repeat some actions over and over again.

OCD is a part of me where I can not imagine life without it. What would I do if ever this condition was to take leave?

I would live life to the full and walk down the road of freedom with a promise to myself that I will never look back.

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