OCD – CRYING on the Inside

The cry of pain and agony from a cut finger/broken arm is healed with a bandaid plaster cast and sling. Our headache pains are relieved after a pill popping session.

But where is the cure for the blind pain suffered by an OCD victim when all the crying is done on the inside.

Coping with OCD symptoms is a struggle for most sufferers who painlessly battle against the disease. The pain is unbearable and one that can not be described to those who do not fully understand why we do what we do.

Our inner emotions and feelings are in a turmoil and self inflicted. We know this but you try and negotiate with the invaders in our life that make it pretty clear that they have control of our thoughts.

Another sadness we have to endure throughout this painsatking process is the pain caused to our loved ones with our selfishness. Us victims have stronger tolerance of this condition than that of others because, it is our heads that have been invaded by this alien force therefore giving us more understanding on this brain battering disease.
How on earth can we expect people close to our hearts suffer too? How does the saying go, you always hurt the one you love. If this is the case then let me put my arms around the whole world because today I am loving everyone.

A suicidal road is structured out for all victims of this is a self destruction disease believe me. Ask yourself how hard it must be for the family to stand back watching helplessly as we struggle to meet the demands from those little voices in our heads.

Who are the real victims here I ask? Does an OCD victim care how they are making others lives a misery? Yes of course we do but it is out of hands to put the family feelings first.

Rules are rules that have to be abided by and if broken the OCD victim sees this as treachery Punishment is in order for the betrayer where a parting of the ways is put in to force. In the eyes of an OCD victim there is no animosity spared if the partner leaves. Some would see it as less chores more contentment. A contented lonely life ahead, but I am afraid that is the way it goes.

If choosing between a clean sweep (Excuse the pun) and clean break, then say your goodbyes.

If you suffer from symptoms that you feel are related to OCD then please seek help. There are many stress relief groups just waiting to help. Anxiety and panic attacks need to be nurtured by professionals. These are some of the symptoms that an OCD victim battles with on a daily basis.
If you choose to ignore the signs then this condition can become very serious.

If you want to help someone close to you then watch for all the tell tale signs which you may find hard. Because an over compulsive disorder sufferer does all his/her crying on the inside.

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