Oakland Raider Great Shares His Message Of Accountability

One of the most exciting things about the Karl Parker Seminars is the chance chiropractors have to meet individuals from all walks of life. Where else would one get the chance to listen to an inspirational message delivered by none other than an NFL star?

NFL player Tim Brown recently told chiropractors in Las Vegas of his life experiences and about a cause that is close to his heart – keeping children safe from internet dangers.

Brown was a first round NFL draft pick who played seventeen years for the Oakland Raiders racking up impressive stats each year that he played. He has garnered this fame into the ability to help others – most notably children. Having an eight year old daughter and twin four year olds has made the issue of children’s safety one of utmost importance in his life.

“I mean accountability is what it’s all about. I feel as if I live a good clean life…then maybe they’ll live that kind of clean life. That’s what it’s all about, especially with our kids,” says Brown.

In an effort to help his own kids create a quality life, Brown has partnered with others to create the Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser. Every year thousands of children are victimized in one way or another by predators and content on the internet. Brown partnered with the Children’s Educational Network and Werner Entities to put a stop to it and created the Kid Safe browser. The browser was created for parents and guardians who want a safe and educational online environment for their children.

Brown jumped at the chance to speak to the group of chiropractors in Las Vegas. He says, “I think it’s always important whenever you have an opportunity to spread a good word you should do that.” And he figured many chiropractors have children and would be interested in hearing about keeping them safe. “We are just trying to save some kids. It’s been great for my household so we really think it could be very effective for other kids and families also.”

The Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser is available free to parents at http://www.timbrownbrowser.com. It contains not only materials to keep kids safe online but also games, educational tools and useful information. Children will enjoy using these tools and parents can rest assured that their kids are safe from online predators. As Brown says, the goal was that “children be able to experience the hi-tech world without being exposed to its dark side.”

All Brown asks is that parents and other spread the word about his browser. “It’s just about trying to help and that’s the only reason you do certain things.”

To have Tim Brown come inspire your group with stories about his life, the Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser and keeping kids safe online, contact Terri Werner of Werner Entities.

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