Nummular Eczema-Get Some Relief

Nummular Eczema is a slight variation from regular eczema, which starts with very itchy patches or rashes on the skin, which develop into coin shaped patches of dermatitis. It can get steadily worse as it progresses, and for a lot of sufferers it is chronic. I’ve put together some tips here so you can try and prevent it yourself!

A fundamental way to prevent both nummular eczema and the regular kind is to be very particular about the clothing you have next to your skin. The wrong clothing can really make your eczema flare up. Try and stick to clothing that is very soft and 100% cotton. Woolen items are a definite no-no, as is anything else even slightly itchy. Also pay attention to the fit of your clothing. You don’t want anything that’s going to be too tight or clingy, as this can be just as bad as wearing the wrong kinds of fabrics.

Perfumes, scent agents and the detergent itself can all have very ugly effects on regular skin, so Eczema sufferers should be extra aware. If you’ve ever found that there is a certain piece of clothing that for some reason just drives you crazy with the itching and soreness one day, the problem is probably your detergent. You can eliminate much of this by going with a natural detergent which is unperfumed. This is good advice for both clothing and also for any toiletries which come into close proximity to your skin.

Sometimes people can assume that they can prevent Nummular Eczema or send it into regression by increasing the amount of baths or showers they take. This is kind of a double edged sword. Yes, bathing can reduce symptoms, as it will remove bacteria and microbes in the area which may eventually cause discomfort-BUT the more you bathe, the more your skin dries out, which will definitely make the eczema worse. The only compromise is to moisturize…

As I said, it can be beneficial to bathe twice a day, but only if you moisturize DIRECTLY after. Pat yourself down with a very soft towel, and apply your moisturizer to damp skin, which will hopefully help you lock even more of the moisture inside.

A highly acidic diet can prove bad for Eczema, scientists have found definite links, so it may be worthwhile trying to reduce the acidic content in the food you eat. This is tricky, unless you happen to be a dietician. If you don’t you may want to visit a dietician for some advice. There is also a simpler solution, which is to take kelp supplements. The alkali in the kelp will help by neutralizing the acid in the food you eat.

No matter what kind of Eczema you have, it can make your life a real misery. Nummular eczema is one of the very worst kinds, so hopefully these few tips will help provide you with some relief.

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