Notable Facts on Permanent Birth Control

Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are no longer a problem for sexually active men and women for there are wide variations of birth control methods to choose from today. Some, particularly young girls and teens, prefer to use non-prescription and prescription means of birth control for these are less expensive and easier to use. Among the types of contraceptions, condoms and pills are the most preferred birth control forms of many adult and young individuals.

Condoms and pills may be popular, but these types of birth control options do not really offer 100 percent protection. Those who are really serious in their family planning because they are not yet ready both financially and emotionally, more efficient forms of contraception are recommended such as the permanent birth control.

What is permanent birth control?

Permanent birth control method is actually applicable to both men and women. For women, the permanent birth control method is known as the tubal occlusion, wherein the tubes between the uterus and the ovaries are closed. Once the tubes are closed, the male’s sperm cells can no longer reach the female eggs, thus, preventing pregnancy.

On the other hand, the permanent birth control option for men is called vasectomy. It is basically a very simple surgical operation, wherein the tubes in a man’s scrotum are sealed or tied. When the scrotum is sealed, the sperm cells can no longer get into the semen. This operation is so simple, it only takes 30 minutes for the doctors to do it.

Why choose permanent birth control?

There are a number of reasons why men and women choose to undergo tubal occlusion and vasectomy.

* The number of children is enough.
* Another pregnancy might cause death or health complications.
* There is no other contraceptive option better than permanent birth control method.
* To be able to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy.

Things to consider about permanent birth control

Before deciding to go for a permanent birth control operation, it is best to ask your partner first which one of you should undergo the treatment. Take note that vasectomy is cheaper and easier than the tubal occlusion. Hence, it is common in married couples that the males are the ones to undergo the operation instead of the females. In fact each year, half a million men all over the world have vasectomy operation.

Also remember that neither vasectomy nor tubal occlusion can protect one from sexually transmitted diseases. To avoid acquiring diseases such as HIV, it is best to use other types of birth control methods like condoms, which can prevent STDs.

To prevent unwanted pregnancies before the operations, it is advised for couples to use condoms correctly and regularly. There are also other contraceptive means to choose from such as birth control pills and the patch. These may come as handy contraceptions until the operation and healing periods are over.

Where to get vasectomy and tubal occlusion operations?

To learn more about the processes involved in both types of permanent birth control operations, it is best to go to a family planning clinic, a private doctor, or a public health department that specialize in vasectomy and tubal occlusion operations.

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