Not Sure Where To Start Looking For A Wholesale Supplier? Try Salehoo!

Stumped when it comes to finding a wholesale supplier? It’s tough trying to find the prices you need to make a profit online – let alone negotiate the pitfalls of quality and authenticity.

If you find yourself floundering amid a vast array of sources, unsure who to trust, then look no further. SaleHoo is a directory of the very best wholesale sources on the net. SaleHoo’s sources have all been thoroughly investigated to ensure we recommend only authentic suppliers offering quality goods.

We regularly perform test purchases off our suppliers to ensure that standards remain high. SaleHoo members also add a rating whenever they use a supplier for a purchase. Plus our lively discussion board members will quickly give you the heads-up if you have any queries on a supplier you found yourself and are unsure of. With 30,000+ members, the collective experience available is enormous!

Our directory of suppliers covers 75 different categories from consumer electronics to plumbing supplies, DVDs and powertools, board games, prams, and strollers. And if we don’t have it – we’ll do everything we can to find it for you, absolutely free! Our staff work full time finding great new sources for any product you are looking for.

Time and time again we hear complaints from people who have purchased other directories, only to find that the prices advertised are only available with orders costing tens of thousands of dollars. So you’ll be amazed (and no doubt relieved!) to hear that many of our suppliers will offer you the best products at exciting prices with minimum order quantities of only 1 unit. If you are starting a new business, then SaleHoo gives you the freedom to purchase wholesale on a budget. These wholesalers and distributors will sell to you at the most affordable prices we can find.

By now you must be wondering why these wholesalers and distributors sell products at such crazy prices and with such low minimum order quantities! But the logic behind these great deals is very simple.

These wholesalers source directly from manufacturers – or from the closest source possible. Thus they have the flexibility to offer prices that middlemen just can’t afford.

SaleHoo takes all the risk out of dealing with wholesale suppliers. Not only will you save time searching for sources, you’ll sleep easy knowing your order will live up to the quality you expect and arrive safely at its destination.

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