Nokia Stride Higher In Style And Innovation

Today, Nokia adds up new modish gears that would surely perk up your fashion sense through stylish and up to date mobile phones.

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, steering growth and sustainability for mobile industry. Thus, they have developed mobile devices that connect people and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use innovative mobile phone products with superb solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses. Indeed, with Nokia mobile phones, everything you want is in the palm of your hand!

So whether you are a cool scholar or up-to-the-minute schoolgirl, a trendy parent, a brainy boss, a cutie staff or you are just someone who is in mobile business enterprise here’s a smart rundown of the common mobile phone designs that would surely fit your taste and style:

Clamshell or folder: A lot of people out there might have seen this style of cell phone but just didn’t know what to call it. Normally, these mobile phones consist of two parts with a hinge in the middle. When it is not in use, it folds closed. The top half of the design placed the speaker or earpiece and a display window, while the bottom half placed the keypad and other apparatus. Nokia cell phones have added a twist to the hinged apparatus. For phones that support cameras and Internet connections, the hinge can be turned for easy viewing. These phones often come with the active flip feature that lets you close the phone to automatically end a call or answer it.

Flip: These phones have most of the components on one part of it with a flip piece that covers part of the keypad when it is not in use. Nearly all Nokia mobile phones offer the active flip feature in these designs.

Slide: These phones are more like a clamshell style cell phone. The slide usually has the keypad on one half and the display window while the speaker is placed on the other. Nokia mobile phones actually offer some of the most interesting looking slide camera phones available. Instead of the hinge, the components slide open. This feature and design allows a larger display area for videophone calling and other features.

Bar or block (also called candy-bar): This is considered the most basic of the styles. There are no moving parts to compete however when it comes to the protection of the keypad while it is in your pocket or purse Nokia have considered putting a key guard feature that allows you to lock and unlock the keys.

Smart phone: Looks like a bar phone, Nokia mobile phones offer one of the lightest weight and most compact models available anywhere. With a Smart phone have internet access, e-mail access, view and edit important documents, scheduling software, built-in camera, contact management, accelerometer and a lot more!

Overall, these cellular phones are really THE THING as it surpasses the typical mobile phones with its amazing devices with tremendous functionality. And when it comes to advanced technology these phones also features integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and now with innovative two-way communication! How’s that? Isn’t it chic?

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