Nokia Cellular Phone

In just a short period of time, communication has so drastically changed that many of us who are old enough to remember rotary phones could not be more amazed by the speed of transformation. The cell phone, more than anything, has completely changed the way in which we communicate, making it possible to be in touch with someone at the touch of a button – no matter where we are or what we’re doing. In fact, there are few among us who do not own a cell phone; most of us are completely dependent upon its services. And for many, dependence on their cell phone means a dependence on a Nokia cellular phone.

Established in 1865 as a paper manufacturer in Finland, the Nokia Corporation still operates its headquarters just outside of Helsinki. In the early days of Nokia, paper manufacturing soon gave way to an ever-growing expanse of services that would rocket the company to worldwide recognition. Most significant to the company’s growth was its entrance into electronics in the late 1960s. Following suit, was the company’s pioneering in mobile communication when it was still in its infancy. The company began producing portable phones as early as the mid 1980s and when the world’s first satellite call was made in 1994, it was done so on a Nokia cellular phone.

Today, Nokia is the largest manufacturer of cellular phones in the world and known the world over for its quality products and dependable service. Most notable to the company’s rise in popularity is the introduction of the Nokia 2100 series in 1994 which first featured the company’s signature ring tone – a ring tone that would become a lasting part of the Nokia cellular phone brand.

Over twenty million of the Nokia 2100 series have been sold, catapulting the company into cell phone history. The Nokia cellular phone line has continued to expand since this time and today Nokia features phones with a variety of top of the line capabilities including, camera phones, MP3 players, video recording, online access, gaming, and personal organization systems. It’s no wonder that the Nokia cellular phone continues to be one of the most popular cell phones on the market today – and promises to be well into the future.

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