Nokia 6288 – Connecting The World With Pictures

This mobile phone is the best on the market when it comes to connecting to the internet and video sharing in real time. The Nokia 6288 allows for video ringtones and is designed to use its 3G technology to its fullest potential. This slider mobile phone comes with a 512 MB SD memory card in the box, and it is fully upgradeable to up to 2gigs, which makes this the perfect video phone with all of its built in video features. It sports a 320 x 240 megapixel resolution color display of 262,000 colors and is fitted with a 2 mega pixel camera on the back to take easy photos and videos. It also has a built-in or on-board camera on the front or face of the unit, which makes for easy video conferencing. The 100x46x21mm size makes the phone easy to handle one-handed while the 115g weight still allows it to be carried easily without too much heft.

Taking videos and photos of family and friends is a breeze with the Nokia 6288 picture phone. It is capable of editing all videos and pictures on board with its built-in or pre-installed editing suite, which makes this phone a state of the art must-have. This way, time is saved from downloading and editing pictures and videos on a PC. In order to save more time, the Nokia 6288 manufacturer has also included MMS capabilities and pictures and videos can be sent via email with a pop3 client straight from the Nokia 6288 mobile phone. Even printing is a breeze with the Nokia 6280 picture mobile phone, as the on-board Bluetooth technology and the on-board infrared technology enables direct printing from the Nokia 6288 mobile phone to any Bluetooth enabled and infrared enabled printer on the market today.

Other features that are included in this cool Nokia 6288 picture mobile phone are the full message capabilities of the full easy to use QWERTY keyboard, a handy night mode feature built into the camera, and the built-in video recorder software that makes it easy to record. It also has a built-in loud speaker for easy, hands-free calling and call conferencing, easy voice dialing, voice recorder, voice commands and speeding dialing.

Offsetting the stylish design and the large display, the slider seems less than sturdy.However, with the capabilities that this Nokia model has, the 6288 is one of the best options available for people who want a mobile phone with internet connectivity, game play, photo/video recording and editing, as well as email capability.

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