Nokia 6120 – Fortus Phone Review

Classic Style with Modern Productivity

Nokia has returned to their classic, stylish but simple, candybar design with their latest 3G handset, the 6120. Available in either a polished silver or classic black, which is more prone to fingerprints, the Nokia 6120 features simple silver trim and closely resembles the classic handset style Nokia is known for and for those who crave a little more colour, the 6120 can also be found in pink. This affordable mobile phone may look like a classic Nokia handset, but it is just as thin, lightweight, and full of features as other comparable mobiles on the market.

The 16 million colour display screen offers excellent resolution but such high quality reduces the text size on the screen, making it difficult to read for some users. This isn’t too much trouble, however, because the 6120 features a text to speech application that will read your texts and emails aloud. The traditional Nokia keypad is stylish and simple to use, with a simple to navigate menu and easy access to all the phone’s features.

The Nokia 6120 is one of the most affordable phones available with so many features, as well as a great design. Not only is the 6120 a 3G handset that provides high speed downloads and a quite enjoyable web surfing experience, this handset also features the latest productivity tools, including Quick Office and Adobe Reader for document viewing, as well as support for other applications.

The only sub-par feature of the 6120 is the 2 megapixel camera, but the photo and video quality is still acceptable for multi-media messaging, photo caller ID, or for wallpapers. The camera features an LED flash that works well for low-lighting conditions, but not in the dark, and does not provide an auto focus feature. The Nokia 6120 Classic does support video calling and includes several fun camera features, like a panorama mode.

The music player, which supports all major file formats, includes an FM radio and provides a high quality listening experience. The supplied Nokia stereo headphones sound terrific or you can enjoy your tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth headphones. The headphone jack can easily be adapted to a standard 3mm jack to use with other headsets. The internal memory of the 6120 is rather insufficient for such a great music player, at only 35 MB, but the expandable microSD slot will allow unlimited storage capabilities. Some users may find the card slot rather cumbersome to open without fingernails, but it is conveniently located on the bottom of the handset.

The Nokia 6120 is a gorgeous, classically designed mobile phone with all the latest 3G features for a very practical price. The call quality is exceptionally clear and the speaker has been relocated to the side of the handset, rather than the back where it was traditionally placed, so speakerphone calls have well above average clarity. The only major drawback found with this stylish mobile is the fact that the handset becomes unusually warm after usage, so a headset is recommended. Overall, the Nokia 6120 Classic is an outstanding phone that offers everything mobile users want in their handset for a price everyone can afford.

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