No One Ever Said That It Was Going To Be This Hard!

You have done some research on the internet for starting a home business. You have read about the best opportunities for making money online. In fact, you have pulled your credit card out of your wallet and invested in a work from home idea. So, is it as easy as you were lead to believe by the sales promotion or is it a lot harder than you anticipated? Are you experiencing confusion, frustration and doubt? If you are, you are not alone because everyone has been there. In fact, I am there today!

Does this sound familiar?

You have decided that you want to invest in your future by developing an internet business but where do you begin? You need to research your opportunities online. The first thing that happens is you will be overwhelmed by all of the work from home possibilities. You will be bombarded with sales promotions and sales pitches that tell you the best way to make money online is through their technique. After careful consideration, you have made a decision, you have purchased the information and you have received their product. All is going well.

You have analyzed their concepts for developing a successful online venture and you are ready to begin. You have started a website, introduced their products, applied their ideas and waited for your inbox to fill with customers. Time goes by but there are no sales. Please be advised that your home business will not be successful unless you develop your marketing skills. You don’t know how to market on the internet? My friend, it is time to go back to school and learn. Yes! Ye old learning curve has to be conquered.

If this situation applies to you, believe me you are not alone. Marketing on the internet is not easy. Let me say that again. Marketing on the internet is not easy. It would be nice if the sales promotions highlighted this small detail. But they don’t. Would you buy their product if they mentioned that the instructions were not included? Would you buy their information if they indicated that the directions were written in French? Imagine if your merchandise came with someone who could help you understand the language of selling on the internet. Unfortunately, most products don’t come with the support you need. Some do but most don’t.

So there you are, staring at your computer, wondering why you are not earning $2000 per week by devoting two hours per day to your internet home business. Suddenly, you turn around and confusion is attacking you. You decide that you will conquer this adversary by learning some marketing concepts. You do some research, discover some ideas and practice doing them. Unfortunately, you realize that marketing your home product is not that easy because these concepts are foreign to you. They are difficult to implement because you must learn, understand and communicate French at the same time. Confusion is still there.

With your effort, you begin to understand the language of internet marketing and you start to apply these techniques to achieving your online success. In fact, you are beginning to utilize two or three ideas at the same time. You are learning new methods, trying these approaches and adjusting your strategy to improve your opportunity for internet success. Your endeavor now focuses on learning, trying and adjusting. You have left confusion in the dust.

Previous experiences have taught you that success comes through time and perseverance. You say to yourself that you are up to the challenge. Time goes by but your resolve is still strong. Hours become days. Days become weeks. You look at the calendar and you have not made one sale in a month. Suddenly it’s two months.

You are still learning, trying and adjusting but the results are minimal. You know that your effort is there but you’re not making $2000 per week. You are working 6-10 hours per day and the balance in your bank account has not moved. Confusion is gone but frustration has taken its place. You ask yourself if the success of making money online will ever become a part of your life. Your inner voice declares “Is this worth it?”

Doubt begins to whisper in your ear. You have invested money, time and effort and your results are disappointing. You were lead to believe that you were going to have more time with your family because money was going to flow into your life. The sales promotions said that your effort would be minimal but your results would be enormous. What did you do wrong? Did you invest in the wrong program? Do you really understand the concepts of internet marketing? Can you really make money online? Should you quit? When doubt rears its ugly head, you begin to lose your determination and your motivation. Are you losing your determination? Have you lost your motivation? Should you give up? These are questions I ask my self everyday.

What is your motivation for internet business success and what are you willing to do for making money online? My motivation is my family. My goal is to bring a more comfortable life to my wife, children, grand children and in-laws. My online venture will succeed because my motivation is what propels me. I have committed to learning, trying and adjusting until my success arrives.

This month I will be celebrating my 39th wedding anniversary. I had to learn how to be a husband, father, grand father and in-law. If I had given up I would not be enjoying the blessings that I receive from my family every day. It has not been an easy road but they are my motivation to learn, try and adjust.

I received an E-mail from one of the programs that I am involved with. The correspondence mentioned that success on the internet is like planting a seed. You have to give that seed the time it needs to grow into a tree. You don’t plant the seed, go back the next day and see your creation. You must water it, fertilize it and care for it. This is an entirely new concept that you are learning and trying to develop. Give yourself the time that is needed for this venture to reap the rewards of your effort. Invest yourself completely in this task. Apply your determination with the same zeal that you have committed to the other successes in your life. Don’t quit even though it’s hard. You can do it!

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go”.

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