No Contract Cell Phone Secrets – How To Get A New Cell Phone Service Without A Contract

If you’re like me, you despise contracts. In particular, long-term contracts. So, in the spirit of avoiding those restricting cell phone service contracts I’ve decided to share with you a few tips for getting cell phone service without signing on the dotted line.

The first (and my preferred) way for getting new mobile phone service without a contract is to simply purchase the handset outright. Most cell phone carriers lock you into contracts by giving you a “great deal” on equipment, but if you have your own equipment you simply go “month to month”.

There are a few ways to get a cell phone handset if you don’t already own one that will work with your preferred provider. The first is to simply pay full price for the equipment at the carrier’s retail store. I don’t really recommend this as it’s expensive (and I’m cheap). The second way to purchase a mobile phone handset outright is through an online auction site like eBay. You can find incredible deals on both new and used cell phones on eBay and after the phone arrives in the mail, you simply walk into the service provider location and activate the phone… contract free!

A second way that you can get a cell phone service plan without signing a contract is by purchasing a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to pay for your minutes upfront and they stop working once those minutes have been used up. There are no contracts to sign and another benefit is that there won’t be any surprise “mega bills” should you run over your allowed minutes for the month.

Hopefully this article has given you some useful ways to get that new mobile phone service plan without having to sign a contract. Stick it to the man!

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